Best 5 Armitron Watch Reviews in 2021

Armitron Watch Reviews

Armitron Watch Reviews

Strong, reliable and crafted to make a statement kind of watch- every watch enthusiast’s dream, aren’t they? Tell me one thing, what is it that you think of first when you want to buy a watch? Budget? Or do you just want a good-quality watch no matter the cost? Or is it that you want a good- quality watch within your budget?

Yes, yes. I know. Most of you are among those who want a good- quality watch within your minimum budget. I mean it’s not as if you don’t want a Rolex or a Titan. Because who does not want a Rolex or a Titan, right? I would be a fool to think that.

But most of the time you can’t even think about buying a Rolex or a Titan because of a tight budget. This is where Armitroncomes into picture. Armitron is a wristwatch manufacturer who is well-known to produce good-quality wristwatches, and that is too within an affordable price.

Armitron was founded in 1956 by Eugen Gluck. They have a load of quality timepiece collections available in a variety of styles. But the feature that defines and distinguishes them from others is affordability.

Let’s dive into this Armitron Watch reviews.

5 Best Armitron Watch Reviews

Remember what we said at the beginning? “Strong, reliable and crafted to make a statement.” Add to that “affordability.” That is what Armitron watches are like. Sounds quite perfect, doesn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to decide right away. Let’s have a thorough look at the reviews of the different models of Armitron watches first. Determine if what I said was right then. You can decide later.

1. Armitron Men’s 20/5197BKSV Multi-Function Dial Silver Tone Bracelet Armitron Watch

Full Specification

Case Diameter: 46 mm

Case Thickness: 12 mm

Water Resistant Depth: 165 ft

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Japanese Quartz

The Armitron Men’s 20/5197BKSV comes with a great combination of stainless steel bracelet and beautifully looked black dial. Many users of this watch much appreciated this combination. The worth mentioning thing is, when the watch is exposed in the sun, it looks great.

Its look is robust, and this is the first thing that will satisfy you the most. The black dial in the stainless steel bracelet gives it a sporty look. You will find 2 sub-dials in the face of the watch. One sub-dial will show you the day and date. Another one is a 24-hours sub-dial. The most important thing is this classy look watch will fit with any outfit, which means you can wear it in a meeting, exam hall, trip, or while you are in an occasion.

The case diameter is 46 mm,

and the case thickness is 12 mm, neithertoo big nor too small. As a result, any hand size can wear the watch without any hesitation. Sometimes when we are on a trip or camping, we love to swim in a lake or swimming pool. Wearing this watch, you can swim up to 165 ft. However, it is advisable not to stay in the water for an extended period wearing this watch.

The readability of the watch is brilliant.Moreover,the Japanese Quartz Movement of the timepiece ensures the reliability of the watch.

What we liked most:
  • Japanese quartz movement.
  • 165 ft water-resistant depth.
  • An ideal pick for all-sized hands.
  • A beautiful combination of stainless steel bracelet and black dial.
What could be better:
  • A bit bulky.

2. Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8188 Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch

Full Specification

Case Diameter: 48.7 mm 

Case Thickness: 15.7 mm

Water Resistant Depth: 330 ft

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Quartz

The Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8188 Digital Watch is designed to keep sports in mind. That is why it is full of all the brilliant features that sportsmen look for. The trendy look of the watch will satisfy you the most. Everyone will praise your choice. Who doesn’t love to be praised?

At an affordable price, this timepiece comes with many different features. Its multiple displays, day & date option, backlight, chronograph, and 1 alarm settings make this watch an ideal choice for sports or travel. When you are in the dark, pressing the backlight key will illuminate the darkness, and you can easily read the time. The backlight is a type of glow light where the digit glows soft green, and the background is dark.The next best thing is its construction. Its bezel is made of metal, and the band material is the resin, which makes it one of the durable sport watches in the market.

Without any problem,

the watch will provide you many years of service. The alarm setting will help you wake up at the right time so that you can attend your examination or meeting at the exact time. It is powered with a battery, which also provides long term service, and it is replaceable.

With its tang buckle clasp, it stays well in hand. Besides, it shows great performance under 330 ft water. So, you can go swimming or snorkeling without any tension. Moreover, if you sweat a lot, the sweat will not do any damage to the watch. All in all, at an affordable price, the Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8188 Digital watch is a value-adding item.

What we liked most:
  • Budget-friendly sports watch.
  • Replaceable battery-powered watch.
  • Adjustable tang buckle clasp.
  • Made with all durable material.
What could be better:
  • The buttons of the watch provide bad performance overtime.

3. Armitron Men’s 20/5190SVGPBN Date Function Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch

Full Specification

Case Diameter: 38.5 mm

Case Thickness: 7.5 mm

Water Resistant Depth: 100 ft

Case Material: Metal

Movement: Japanese Quartz

This Armitron Men’s 20/5190SVGPBN Date Function Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch is popular because of its sleek design. Brown leather, white dial, and round shape make it an elegant watch to be worn on any occasion.

Many of us look for a gift for our beloved person on various occasions and don’t know what to gift. This watch will put a smile on your beloved person’s face because it has a classic look. The outer ring is a bit raised; the stick indices give it a handsome look. 38.5 mm and 7.5 mm is its case diameter and thickness, respectively. It means a standard hand size can wear it without any confusion.

The band is made of brown leather, and it has a buckle enclosure. With the help of the buckle closure, you can adjust the band as per your requirement. Another thing that is appreciated by many of its users is the numberless round shape design. This timepiece will give its wearer comfort and a trendy feel. If you want to uplift your style and talk about any party, don’t forget to choose the Armitron Men’s 20/5190SVGPBN.

Its accuracy and quality are guaranteed with the Japanese quartz movement. The dial window is made of Mineral material that ensures that you will always get clear time visibility. Most importantly, the dial material protects the inner parts of the face. At an affordable price, the watch will be a great addition to your outfit.

What we liked most:
  • Superior, round-shaped, and sleek design.
  • Elegant and gorgeous in brown-colored leather.
  • Adjustable buckle enclosure.
  • Japanese quartz movement.
What could be better:
  • Unsuitable for big hands.

4. Armitron Sports 40/8347COR Digital Chronograph Watch

Full Specification 

Case Diameter: 48 mm

Case Thickness: 17 mm

Water Resistant Depth: 330 ft

Case Material: Resin

Movement: Quartz

Are you looking for an ideal sports watch? The Armitron Sports 40/8347COR Digital Chronograph Camouflage Resin Strap Watch will be the best answer. The manufacturer Armitron has many sports watch designs, especially for those who love sports and have an active lifestyle.

Up to a certain level, this timepiece is water-resistant: 330 ft. The adjustable resin strap is blacke textures which is another great feature of this watch. Other enlisted features of the watch are multi-functional dials, digital LCD display, and many more. This watch is designed in such a way that it can take care of your overall fitness and well-being.

The thing that you will love about this watch the most is the color combination. All the features of the watch will keep you fit for any occasion and active without compromising the style. The included functions of the Armitron 40/8347COR are chronograph, alarm option, dual time, time of military, backlight and lap time. The backlight will allow you to have a look at the time at night too.

One customer states that he gifted it to his son. His son is swimming and snorkeling all day long. And he appreciated its 100% waterproof feature. Before going to bed, you can set 3 timers, which will help you wake up early in the morning to exercise. The dial size is large that fits in any hand size. Overall, the watch is wallet-friendly, nice looking, and durable watch on which you can rely on.

What we liked most:
  • Black resin case with a gold-colored top ring.
  • Quartz movement.
  • 330 ft water resistance feature.
  • LCD display.
What could be better:
  • Complicated instruction.

5. Armitron Sport Men’s 20/5062 Chronograph Watch

Full Specification

Case Diameter: 50 mm

Case Thickness: 20 mm

Water Resistant Depth: 330 ft

Case Material: Resin

Movement: Quartz

Without the Armitron Sport Men’s 20/5062 Chronograph Watch, the Armitron watch reviews will remain incomplete. All the significant features of this watch insist me to give it a place in the shortlist of the best Armitron watches. Superior functionality and unique look – these 2words perfectly match the Armitron Sport Men’s 20/5062 analog-digital watch.The watch wins many customer’s hearts because of its exceptional features.

Looking at the watch’s face,

at a glance, you will be able to learn many essential functions. In terms of lightweight and rigid functionality, no other analog-digital watch can beat this watch. And with the resin case material, this watch is one of the toughest watches in the Armitron sports watch lineup.

What are the most praise-worthy characteristics of this Armitron sports watch? Timer for countdown, chronograph, 5functions of alarm, lap time, military time, and 100 years’ calendar. Do you ever see a sports watch with a 100-year calendar? Obviously not. These unique characteristics of the watch will amaze you the most. It comes with 5different color options: black, white, black/blue, black/red, and green/black. Different color options mean you have the full right to choose the most preferred color that perfectly matches your wrist.

The outer shell is made with resin that protects the inner portion and the outer part from shocks and sudden falls. Unbreakable acrylic crystal is also used that ensures the longevity of the watch. The combination of the analog and digital display will give you the essential information at a glance. The backlight function removes darkness so that you don’t feel any problem reading the time at night.

What we liked most:
  • Calendar of 100 years.
  • 5 alarm functionality.
  • Durable construction.
  • Combination of analog and digital display.
What could be better:
  • Comes with a limited warranty.

Final Words

Hopefully, this Armitron watch review will show you the right path in picking the most reliable watch at an affordable price. 

All the reviewed watches are made with durable materials and a sleek and elegant design full of exceptional features. In terms of reliability, these watches are the best, and Armitron watches will never break your trust. 

In a nutshell, Armitron is a brand for those looking for fashionable and trendy watches but tight in budget. Armitron assists in enhancing anybody’s style.

Share your valuable comments in the comment box. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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