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    best kids smart watch

    Kids nowadays are highly advanced in the section of technologies. Having a smartwatch in the hand of the kids is a hobby now for the kids these days, and that is necessary too. The smartwatches help you to keep an eye on where is your kid, and what is he/she doing by using the GPS tracking system.

    The smart watches will help the kids to stay fit with the fitness tracking system on these watches. In this smart technological age, kids also need to cope up with technological advancements. The kids will know better about the new technologies and start learning about them merrily. There are many kid’s smart watches in the marker with catchy and fancy design with offering a bunch of cool features. I will be talking about two best kids smart watch, which will help your kids to modernize with their features and qualities

    The best kids smart watch – In-detail Feature Review

    1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Royal Blue


    • GPS tracking system
    • 1.4 inches touch screen
    • Dual cameras including a front-facing selfie camera
    • Photo effects and voice recorder
    • Alarm, timer, and stopwatch

    The first kid’s smartwatch I have here is the Kidi-Zoom from the VTech. It comes with a royal blue color in the band and the bezel areas with a screen size near 1.4 inches. You will find a motion sensor in this smartwatch with the option of playing games and doing other fun activities with it.

    This watch provides the option of taking pictures and making videos as it has two cameras including, a front-facing camera to take selfies. Your kids will find other features like photo effects, video camera, voice recorder in this smartwatch.

    This smartwatch is recommended for kids of 4 to 9 years and comes with voice-changing effects and a touch screen. The watch is multi-functional as it comes with both the digital and analog clock system along with an alarm, timer, and stopwatch system. The GPS location tracking is present in this watch for any unwanted situations.

    Your kid will be able to use this watch for educational purposes as it offers a calendar feature and a calculator. The watch here is splash and sweatproof. All these features above make this kids smartwatch, not just a watch but also a helping-hand-device for your kid’s daily life with teaching and offering many features.

    • • Both the digital and analog clock system
    • • Offers a calendar feature and a calculator
    • • Three fun activities, five games, and three action challenges
    • • Lithium-Ion battery ensures a long battery life
    • • Top-most durability
    • • Not many color options.

    2. Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Watch


    • Fitness tracking system
    • Heart rate monitoring
    • GPS location tracker
    • Water-resistive body
    • Sleep monitoring

    Xiaomi is well known for producing many technological gadgets and smartwatches are one of the most major products of the company. The Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Watch can be used by everyone as you can buy it for your kid because of the amazing features and qualities that it contains. This black colored smartwatch comes with a 0.95 inches touchscreen. 

    It comes with a colorful OELD display, which makes the display contents more visible and eye-catchy. The band of this watch comes in black color and with TPU built-material. This watch comes with a single touching button below the longish display.  

    It will suit kid’s hands as their daily driver in school or other places. GPS tracking will help the parents to know about the kid’s location. Availability of the fitness tracker will help your kids stay fit. It comes with a dimension of 7.8 x 5.71 x 1.3 inches and a weight of 3.52 Ounces.

    The heart rate monitoring system is also available here for ensuring safety and security. With having a water-resistant body, it also features an accurate sleep monitoring system. This watch from Xiaomi can be the first smartwatch for your kid and help him/her to get introduced to the new technologies.

    • • 0.95 inches touchscreen
    • • OLED display
    • • Affordable price
    • • A single touching-button
    • • TPU band material
    • • Not many fun options for kids

    3. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Kids Smart Watch

    Watch Features:

    • Color: Lilac Flower.
    • Pair-able with a smartphone.
    • 1 Year-long battery life.
    • Assign tasks, schedule alerts and alarms.
    • 0.7 inches display.

    Watch Details:

    Nowadays, kids are smart, and smart kids need smart things. To keep this in mind, Garmin has brought a fantastic smartwatch full of features and functions. They released it on October 15, 2020, and it has got best sellers rank on Amazon. One of the fascinating features is that you can pair it up with your smartphone. After pairing up, you will be able to view activity, sleeping hours, and chore data. However, you must install the Garmin Jr. app on your smartphone.

    Maybe I need a full-length article on this watch to write all of the features. However, in short, the watch has an activity that unlocks adventure to unfold general knowledge about famous sites in their educational adventures. It has exciting quizzes and games, collectible gems, fitness cards, and many more.

    By the way, I must appreciate its ICE or IN CASE EMERGENCY widget. In case you need emergency contact with your children, this widget will help you to gain access. So, it is undoubtedly the best kids’ smartwatch.

    • ❖ Real-time tracking.
    • ❖ Adventurous and education functions.
    • ❖ Satisfactory UX/UI.
    • ❖ Replaceable battery, no charging needed.
    • ❖ Automatically saved past activities.
    • ❏ Fitting on the wrist can be an issue.

    4. Fitbit Ace 2 Smart Tracker Watch For Kids

    Watch Features:

    • Lithium-Ion Battery Cell.
    • Waterproof up to 50 meters.
    • Touchscreen.
    • Color: Watermelon and Teal.
    • Sleeping and activity tracking system.

    Watch Details:

    Whenever we hear about Fitbit, we assume in no time that it will be a gadget to keep a healthy lifestyle. Kind information, Fitbit not only makes wearable gadgets for adults, but they also have some amazing smartwatches for kids. For example, here we are going to talk about Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids. The water-resistant feature has made it like all kinds of sports smartwatches. Because you are allowed to take it in water and land. Moreover, you are getting up to 5 days of battery life on a single charge.

    In addition, the real-time tracking system enables guardians and friends to track them accurately. There will be two accounts such as one is for parents, and another is for kids. Parents can approve activity from their account. Anyway, if you compare it with other Fitbit kids’ smartwatches like the Fitbit Inspire 2, I will choose the Fitbit Ace 2 because of its many features with affordable cost.

    • ❖ Trackable every move for a healthier life.
    • ❖ Swim proof.
    • ❖ Interchangeable accessories.
    • ❖ Looks premium.
    • ❖ Affordable price.
    • ❏ The band may not be durable enough.

    5. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2: Adjustable Kids Fitness Smart Watch

    Watch Features:

    • Color: Disney Princess – Purple.
    • Wireless Display.
    • Waterproof technology.
    • Alert and timer system for daily activity.
    • Disney Princess Adventures and Games.

    Watch Details:

    We have listed another Garmin brand smartwatch for our kids. Nowadays, kids are crazy about Disney princess adventures and games. They love to watch it on the screen. However, Garmin has launched a smartwatch for the kids to keep in mind. By the way, this watch also helps children to maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking their steps and daily activities.

    In addition, Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 will inspire kids to complete a specific task within a time limit by setting a timer and alert. Also, they are getting five different Disney princesses, such as Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel.

    By having waterproof technology, the kids are free to swim in their Waterland. Parents can join these fun adventures as a personal assistant so that all families can stay active together.

    • ❖ Motivate kids with rewards, reminders, and responsibilities.
    • ❖ Swim friendly.
    • ❖ Friends and family can stay active together.
    • ❖ Compatible with Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire tablet gadgets.
    • ❖ Reminder alerts system for homework and exercise.
    • ❏ Kids may feel hard to push the buttons.


    Is the Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Watch waterproof?

    The Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Watch comes with a fully waterproof body, and your kids can even swim wearing this smart watch.

    Is the VTechKidi-Zoom band replaceable if it gets ruined unfortunately?

    In both the watches, you can replace the band from their respective brands. If you find other third-party brands, which are suitable for any of the watches, you can use that too.

    Is the Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Watch compatible with the iPhone SE?

    Yes, it is compatible with iPhone SE with the help of an app that you will find in the app store. 

    Does the VTechKidi-Zoom have a camera?

    Yes, you will find dual cameras in this watch, with a front-facing one for taking selfies. 

    Will I get the best smart watches for kids in affordable price?

    Both the Xiaomi Band 4 and the VTechKidi-Zoom comes at a pretty reasonable price for everyone. So, you will get the best smartwatches for your kids in a budget-friendly range.


    You can see two smart watches above for the kid’s use. One of them is focusing on the fun and gaming side, and the other is offering some basic features for better fitness, safety, and security. The best kid’s smart watch will help your kids to get introduced with the new technology. 

    Your kid can use either of these watches, and these watches can be the daily driver for your kids and help them do some educational things. You can stay sure about where your kid is going and whatever he/she is doing. The price of these watches is also affordable for everyone, along with the highest possible durability.

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