Top 5 best mens watches under 150 dollar-Expert’s Suggestion

best mens watches under 150

The watch technology is improving as the days are progressing. New models of these watches are being introduced in the market regularly. The customers are also loving the new technologies and models from many brands. 

People wants a watch that will be full of the basic and needed features, and will come in an affordable price. Buying capability is not same for everyone, that’s why a watch which has all the needed qualities in a cheap price is like a blessing.

The 150-dollar range is a quite affordable for almost all the people. The best mens watches under 150 dollars can both fulfill your watch wishes and save your money at the same time.

Best mens watches under 150– In-detail Feature Review

You can go for the Seiko Men’s SNE329 Sport Solar-Powered Stainless-Steel Watch which is within the 150-dollar range. The detailed review about this Seiko watch is given below:

1.Seiko Men’s SNE329 Sport Solar

Key Features:

  • The latest Japanese Quartz Movement Technology
  • Hardlex dial window
  • Blue display with blue band color
  • Kinetic Chronograph and Kinetic Auto-Relay
  • Coin-edge bezel

The watch I will be talking about is a sport type wristwatch for the men’s section. This is manufactured by the famous company named Seiko and has the model number SNE329. With the blue color in the band, it comes with the latest Japanese Quartz Technology. Nylon is the built-material of the band of this watch. 

Seiko has made this watch with a weight close to 7.2 ounces with a case thickness of around 10.7 mm with the width of the band around 25mm. This watch comes with a 43 mm stainless steel case with blue color on the display and white in the dials. 

It comes with a roundish analog display along with a coin-edge bezel and day/date window and the Hardlex dial window. You can use this watch in almost every weather condition and place. You will also see the addition of the Kinetic Chronograph and Kinetic Auto-Relay in this Seiko Men’s wristwatch.

In some cases, the watch operation depends on how the temperature is because it is operational temperature range is -5 ºC to 50 ºC. It is a solar-powered watch because you will have the latest Japanese Quartz Movement in it which will save the battery-changing cost. The watch also comes with the buckle closure in the Nylon band.

There will also be the availability of the Kinetic Perpetual Technology in this watch. This water-resistive watch comes with the water-resistant capability of remaining 100 m (330 ft) underwater for at least 30 minutes. The company provides three years of official warranty on this watch.

  • • Water resistive up to 100 m (330 ft) underwater for at least 30 minutes
  • • Presence of the buckle closure in the Nylon band
  • • Kinetic Perpetual Technology
  • • Solar-powered watch
  • • 43 mm stainless steel case with a roundish analog display
  • • The watch has some durability issues in the band.

2. 40mm Timex Weekender

Watch Features:

  • Quick interchangeable strap.
  • Indiglo Backlight Technology.
  • 10 Years Battery Life.
  • Water-Proof under 30 Meters of Water.
  • Scratch Resistant Glass.
40mm Timex Weekender

Watch Details:

People love the versatility of everything they use, including their wearing.  And when it comes to a matter of watch, people try to change it according to the situation. So, Timex Weekender has brought a watch by keeping this in mind. You can quickly and easily change the leather and the nylon straps according to your season, occasion, and mood. Timex fans consider it as one of the best men’s watches under 150.

In addition, the watch is full of features and specifications. For example, you are getting a silver-tone 40 mm brass case including mineral glass crystal. They used electroluminescent technology for the backlight, which will help you see the time at night and in a low light environment. Besides, the Timex Weekender heavily concentrated on the durability of the watch. Such as they used double-layered original leather straps. Also, you can go up to under 100 feet of water with this watch. By the way, the watch is not suitable for swimming and bathing, according to experts.

  • ➔ Quick Interchangeable Slip-Thru Strap.
  • ➔ Versatility.
  • ➔ Night-light for low-light situations.
  • ➔ Long-lasting battery life.
  • ❏ The back of the watch is not strong enough.
  • ❏ The chronometer is not reliable.

3. Treehut Men’s Wooden Watch

Watch Features:

  • Unpainted Wood Grain.
  • Wood bands with good quality steel buckle.
  • Miyota quartz movement.
  • Battery life up to 5 years.
  • Steel Tri-Fold Clasp with Push Buttons.
Treehut Men’s Wooden Watch

Watch Details:

Who doesn’t like unique things to wear? Almost everyone wants to wear unique and well-designed clothing and accessories, right? And when you talk about a watch, people nowadays like to show off their expensive special watch collections. However, today I will present a fantastic watch, but it will not be costly at all. You can grab it within 150 very comfortably. I am talking about Treehut Men’s Wooden Watch, a premium quality analog wristwatch for watch lovers.

You will be surprised that this watch is made of 100% natural wood. They used Zebrawood and Ebony Wood without using a single drop of chemical and artificial paint. In addition, this watch has legendary Japanese Miyota quartz movement that is stable and versatile as well.

  • ➔ Wearable in Formal and Casual both.
  • ➔ Best choice for gifting special ones.
  • ➔ Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • ➔ Long-lasting battery life.
  • ➔ Perfect Weight.
  • ❏ Large in Size.

4. Garmin Forerunner Running Watch

Watch Features:

  • Smart Notifications.
  • GPS and Glonass Running Watch.
  • VO2 Max Estimate.
  • Weather Widget.
  • Activity Tracking.
Garmin Forerunner Running Watch

Watch Details:

If you are a regular runner and love to maintain your time while running, you need a smartwatch. I will talk about a multi-functioned watch that has a GPS. And it is considered best for the runner as it has heart rate counting features. Moreover, the watch has sunlight visibility with transflective memory in pixels. Also, you are free to customize the watch 44% larger than the 225. Interestingly the watch can receive audio pop-ups while it is attached to your smartphone.

Besides, you don’t need to unlock your smartphone again as it will serve you with smart notifications like mail, text messages, call alerts, and many more. The long-lasting battery life will provide you 11 hours long training and nine days long watch.

  • ➔ You can pair it with a smartphone.
  • ➔ Customizable watch app from Connect IQ.
  • ➔ Best for Runners.
  • ➔ Smart cellphone notifications.
  • ➔ Workout tracking system
  • ❏ Should be careful about any unwanted scratching.

5. Timex Unisex Weekender

Watch Features:

  • Indiglo backlight.
  • Up to 10 years long battery life.
  • Proof against water up to 30 meters deep.
  • Proof against scratch.
  • Legendary Timex stability.

Watch Details:

Perhaps you plan for a weekend to spend some quality time outside of your city with your family. What if you have a nice watch with perfect timing. If you are a watch lover, a gentle watch will give you extra confidence in your surroundings. I am talking about Timex Unisex Weekender. The watch is one of the best men’s watches under 150 you have ever seen. It is best in terms of quality and reliability; by saying quality, I meant the materials and the versatility of the watch.

For instance, they used authentic leather, woven fabric, and scratch-proof mineral glass in this watch. So, what you can expect more than that, isn’t it? Anyway, you are getting more such as the watch strap is interchangeable and it has fast-changing straps. Moreover, the Indiglo backlight feature will serve you in low-light conditions. However, although you can take it to 100 feet deep water, experts say it is not recommended for swimming or bathing.

  • ➔ 24-hours military timing.
  • ➔ Splash withstands.
  • ➔ Crystal clear mineral glass.
  • ➔ Quick Release.
  • ➔ Versatility
  • ❏ Not suitable for extreme hot temperature as sweating may damage the leather.
  • ❏ Inconsistent tick.


Which movement is the best for the men’s watch under 150-dollar?

The Japanese Quartz Movement is always the best one to have for the budget-friendly watches and for the mid-budget watches as well.

Can I swim wearing the Seiko Men’s SNE329

Yes, you can. You can do swimming and snorkeling wearing this watch without the tension of water getting into it. It comes with the water-resistant capability of remaining 100 m (330 ft) underwater for at least 30 minutes.

What are the band, display, and dials color of the Seiko Men’s SNE329?

The display and band of this watch from Seiko come with blue color, and nylon is the built-material of the band. The dials are of white color that is visible before the blue display.


I will highly recommend you to buy this watch from the Seiko for your daily life usage. This watch comes at a pretty reasonable price with offering a bunch of features and technologies. The high-quality built-materials of this watch make sure it is serving for a long period.

You will be highly benefitted because of the water-resistant feature as it is a must-have type of technology for a daily-using watch. I can assure you one thing that it is the best mens watches under 150-dollar, and you will be highly satisfied with the service of it.

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