Top 10 Best Watch For Flight Attendant in 2021 [A Complete Buying Guide]

    Best Watch For Flight Attendant

    Those who can manage their time correctly can embrace success in the right moment—every professional needs to have time management skills as a priority skill set. And when you are a flight attendant, maintaining a flight schedule is your number duty. But without seeing to watch or clock, you can’t just assume the exact time by looking at the sun. As a result, you must have a watch on your hand as an integral part of your daily life. So, we are here to present the best look for flight attendants at a low price and premium quality.

    First of all, we will show you some of the best wristwatches for flight attendants with detailed descriptions. Don’t worry if you have a lack of knowledge on how to choose the best watch. Secondly, we will guide you on how to find the appropriate one. Thirdly, we will try to solve some doubts you might have in the frequently asked section. Finally, I hope we will come to an end with success. So, let’s get started.

    1.  Whimsical Watches Women’s G-0610007: Best Women Watch For Flight Attendant

    Watch Features:

    • Item Shape: Round.
    • Display: Analog.
    • Case Material: Stainless Steel.
    • Case Diameter & Thickness: 42 mm and 11 mm, respectively.
    • Band Material: Leather.
    • Bank Color: Blue.
    • Dial Color: White.
    • Waterproof.
    • Japanese Quartz.

    Watch Details:

    If you are a female flight attendant or a relative, this watch I will discuss is the best choice for you. The brand Whimsical has launched this watch dedicatedly for the women’s flight cabin crew. However, you will choose this because it has a Japanese durable quartz movement. The flight attendant theme on the watch will bring charms when you wear it.

    In addition, you can get the royal color of blue with an Italian leather strap. If I say something about the intensity of the clasp, it has a secure buckle-clasp. By the way, with all of these features and advantages, you are also getting a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. And it is one of the best cheap digital watches under 50 dollars.

    • ➔ Durable and Strong.
    • ➔ Original Leather Strap.
    • ➔ Covered with Crystal Flight-Attendant-Theme.
    • ➔ Fashionable.
    • ➔ Scratch and Water Resistance
    • ❏ Available in Blue color only.

    2. Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch

    Watch Features:

    • Color: Black.
    • Worldwide Map Type.
    • Battery Life: 0.001 Seconds.
    • LCD Display Type.
    • The Dimension of LxWxH is 2×0.7×2 inches.
    • Bluetooth Technology.
    • GPS Technology.
    • Pulse Ox Acclimation Sensor.
    • Contactless Payment Solution.
    • Advanced Navigation System.

    Watch Details:

    Garmin Fenix 5X Plus has all the features and technology that smartwatches should have. Any person from any profession can utilize it for their time management. It will boost your health condition along with your career. In addition, this watch will reduce the frequent use of your smartphone because it has some features that we used to look at on the phone. It is also considered the best smartwatch for flight attendants.

    Also, the multi-network navigation system will help with your hiking and ultra-marathon running. It has GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo mapping altogether. Moreover, we love to listen to songs while running, and by keeping this in mind, Garmin put enough space to store up to 500 songs. Nowadays, the trend is cashless because countries are being digital. Also, paper money may contain harmful viruses, and it can enter the human body. So, try to use this watch where contactless payments are available for payment and purchase. 

    • ➔ Maximum 20 days battery performance
    • ➔ Scratch Resistant.
    • ➔ Water Resistant.
    • ➔ Travel while Listening to Music.
    • ➔ Monitor Heart Rate, Sleep, and Count Every step.
    • ➔ Cashless Outing Facilities.
    • ➔ Premium Quality Materials.
    • ➔ Best for Running, Hiking, Cycling, and Swimming.
    • ➔ You Can Store 500 Songs.
    • ❏ Online connectivity might not be reliable.

    3. Garmin Vivomove Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women

    Watch Features:

    • Sleep & Heart Rate Monitoring Technology.
    • Bluetooth Connectivity.
    • Touchscreen.
    • Reminder, Text-Message, Calendar.
    • Color: Silver.
    • Band Color: Brown.
    • Band Material: Original Leather.
    • 0.85 Inches Screen Size.

    Watch Details:

    People now tend to use smartwatches because of their enormous features and design. Smartwatches also boost our daily productivity. Our third watch on the list is Garmin vivomove HR. There is a music control system and notification like calls, message in it. You are getting a pulse oximeter, too, like any other smartwatch. By the way, the difference between Garmin vivomove HR from other watches is its durability and effectiveness of health monitoring.

    In addition, it has a strong battery quality, such as you can run it for up to 5 days in smart mode. The customers call it Hybrid Smartwatch because of its Hybrid performance. For example, there is a hidden display with a touchscreen. As a result, we can use it in both modes, like analog and digital. Check our other waterproof smartwatches.

    • ➔ Water and Scratch Resistant.
    • ➔ Wireless Connectivity.
    • ➔ Fast Contact with your Smartphone.
    • ➔ 24/7 Heart Rate Technology.
    • ➔ Crystal Display for Steps, Calories, Distance.
    • ➔ Well Enough Energy Storage.
    • ❏ Not Recommended for Heavy Workouts.

    4. G-shock – G-steel Wrist Watch: Best Men Watch For Flight Attendant

    Watch Features:

    • Watch Dimensions: 1x1x1 inches.
    • Weight: 0.35 Ounces.
    • Lithium-Ion Battery.
    • Shock Resistant.
    • Under 200 meter Deep Water Resistant.
    • LEDNeo-Brite Luminous.
    • StopWatch.
    • Countdown Timer.

    Watch Details:

    Flight attendants usually need to manage their time accurately. So, to manage their time, they definitely need an accurate watch too. The watch is light-weight of 0.35 ounces. And if you need to use a stopwatch or countdown time anytime as a flight attendant, you can easily do it. The watch feels classy with its amazing design. Also, if you love to swim, you are free to take it as your swimming companion.

    However, it may think the watch is a little expensive compared to others watches. But I can assure you they offer enough features for this price.

    Moreover, the stainless steel will save the watch from being ugly. Although this watch is mainly for women, men also wear it very comfortably.

    • ➔ Durable.
    • ➔ Imported.
    • ➔ Ion-plated stainless steel case over.
    • ➔ Sporty Design.
    • ➔ Good for Swimming.
    • ➔ Suitable for both men and women.
    • ❏ Battery performance may not be at the expectation level.

    5. Anne Klein Women’s Diamond-Accented Wrist Watch

    Watch Features:

    • Mineral Crystal Lens.
    • Rose Gold-Tone Sunray.
    • Waterproof under 100 feet or 30 meters deep water.
    • Japanese Quartz Movement.
    • Metal Chain.
    • Dimensions: 3.31 x 5.43 x 3.46 inches.
    • Weight: 2.2 Ounces.
    • Watch Shape: Round.
    • Display Type: Analog.
    • Band & Dial Color: Rose Gold.

    Watch Details:

    Now we have brought a formal ladies to watch that can wear any professionals, especially flight attendants. The watch is made in the USA and can be imported globally. Color is also classy and looks exactly premium. The lens they used in the watch is a wall-to-wall mineral crystal lens. Actually, we don’t need to say a lot about Anne Klein watches as they proved their quality over time. It is a matter of confidence and adventure wearing Anne Klein.

    This watch has a bunch of features and functions that we can’t complete writing in a single article. For example, it proves that it is a classy piece by having an original diamond accent on it. The quartz movement is crucial for a watch, and Anne Klein concentrated on this matter. They used legendary Japanese quartz movements on this watch. We have other watches like this watch that come under 150 dollars.

    • ➔ Scratch Resistant.
    • ➔ Waterproof.
    • ➔ Best for Women.
    • ➔ Comfortable on hand.
    • ➔ You can swim with it too.
    • ❏ People with skin sensitivity of nickel should avoid it.

    6.Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviator Leather Watch

    Watch Features:

    • Round-shaped cover.
    • Window Material: Krysterna.
    • Display Type: Analog.
    • Clasp: Buckle.
    • Case Diameter & Thickness: 5.1 cm & 13 mm respectively.
    • Band Material: Leather.
    • Band Color: Brown.
    • Calendar: Yes.
    • Quartz Movement.
    • Up to 100 meters water-resistant.

    Watch Details:

    They call this watch Edgy Style because of its splendid design and impressive functionality. It is a round-shaped watch that satisfies its 100% users with extraordinary performance. You will see that this watch has original leather, and it looks premium from far too. The combination of genuine leather and stainless steel rivets has made it challenging for the competition. The price is under 150 dollars in it is quite reasonable.

    The most fantastic thing about this watch is you can watch the hands, numbers, and markers even in the dark.

    In addition, you will get an update of the day and date every day. And we know that accurate data and time are how much important for a flight attendant. By the way, not only this watch, all the Stuhrling offer a two years long global warranty so that customers feel safe while using it. Because Stuhrling’s only wish is that their user will love their watch.

    • ➔ You can wear any type of dress-up.
    • ➔ First-Class style.
    • ➔ Stylish.
    • ➔ Genuine leather band.
    • ➔ Easy to read dial.
    • ➔ Background light for low light situations.
    • ➔ 2 Years long comprehensive international warranty.
    • ❏ Lume is not satisfactory.
    • ❏ Difficult to see the hands.

    7. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband with Magnetic Charging

    Watch Features:

    • Brand: Xiaomi.
    • Color: Black.
    • Display Technology: AMOLED.
    • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth.
    • OS: IOS, & Android.
    • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen.
    • Screen Size: 3 Inches.
    • Water Resistance: Waterproof.
    • Band Width: 15 Millimeters.
    • Wireless Carrier: 3
    • Weight: 0.822 Ounces.
    • RAM: 512 KB.

    Watch Details:

    Xiaomi is a popular international brand for mobile devices and accessories. They are mostly popular for providing the best configuration for a low-cost price. By the way, Xiaomi has now launched an amazing smart wristband named Xiaomi Mi Band 5. The black wristband has come with 512 KB RAM with wireless connectivity. It supports both operating systems such as IOS and Android. Although the brand is Xiaomi, It is also compatible with Huawei devices.

    Any professionals can wear this wristband as their daily companion. Flight attendants can put it on their hands as it is not made of steel. And the wristband will help them to manage their time along with increasing productivity. Besides, if you are health conscious, the watch will monitor your health 24/7 with accuracy. Anyway, you may check our other smartwatches that come under 50 dollars.

    • ➔ Wireless Connectivity.
    • ➔ Comfortable Magnetic Charging.
    • ➔ Health Monitoring System.
    • ➔ Lifestyle Monitoring System.
    • ➔ Sports Modes for 11 Different Sports Professionals.
    • ➔ Compatible with Android Devices.
    • ❏ How Much You Sleep At Day Time Is Considered A Nap, Not Sleep.
    • ❏ Watch’s Gps Relies On The Phone.

    8. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch for Flight Attendants.

    Watch Features:

    • Brand: Fitbit.
    • Color: Petal/Copper Rose.
    • Band Color: Pink.
    • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth.
    • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen.
    • Screen Size: 1.34 Inches.
    • Dimensions: 1.56 x 1.59 x 0.47 Inches.
    • Weight: 0.16 Ounces.
    • Wireless Carrier: Du.
    • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Ion.
    • Supporting Application: Weather, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Reminder, Voice Assistant, Alexa, Phone, GPS.

    Watch Details:

    People love to be updated in every moment of their life. They want to know what is happening around them and all over the world, including weather conditions, general knowledge. In this scenario, Amazon’s Alexa comes first in our minds. So, what if we get a device including Alexa that can be brought with us all the time. I am talking about Fitbit Versa 2 that has built-in Amazon Alexa and many more exciting features. For example, you can track daily physical activities such as sleep, distance, heart rate, calories burned, floor climbed, etc.

    And it will help you to set goals, analyze your sleeping hour, as well as to connect with friends and family. Anyway, if you are a flight attendant, the watch can help you to manage your time, GPS, and latest information via Alexa. So, you are getting an amazing watch just below 150 dollars.

    • ➔ Use Alexa for current news and daily information.
    • ➔ It helps you to track your health conditions based on heart rate, sleeping hours.
    • ➔ Store 300+ songs by Spotify app.
    • ➔ Perfect screen size to see details at a glance.
    • ➔ Count heart rate, calories, and other daily activities.
    • ➔ Ability to get phone notifications, messages, and calls.
    • ❏ There is a minor connectivity issue often.
    • ❏ Monthly paid services for better facilities.

    9. Casio Women’s BA 111-1 ACR Analog-Digital Watch

    Watch Features:
    ★ Brand Name: Casio.
    ★ Watch Shape: Round.
    ★ Window Material: Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass.
    ★ Display Type: Analog-Digital.
    ★ Case Material: Resin.
    ★ Case Diameter & Thickness: 46.3 mm & 15.8 mm.
    ★ Band Material: Plastic (Women standard)
    ★ Color: Black.
    ★ Calendar: Day-Date-Month.
    ★ Weight: 10 Grams.
    ★ Waterproof Depth: 330 Feet.

    Watch Details:
    There are very few people on earth who can doubt the quality of Casio watches. Casio has always been keeping the expectations of its customers. To keep this matter in mind, I had to list a Casio watch for flight attendants. Today here I’ll talk about Casio Women’s BA 111-1 ACR. This watch is a shock-resistant round shape with a backlight to use in low-light situations.

    And if you are a swimmer or love to swim, you are free to wear it while swimming. By the way, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend wearing it while scuba diving. I remember that I used to use my Casio watch for my daily alarm. This watch also does not remove the alarm features. The watch has preprogrammed its calendar till 2099. In addition, they used quartz movement for better durability.

    • ➔ LED backlight for the low light situation.
    • ➔ 29 different time zones.
    • ➔ Calendar programmed automatically till 2099.
    • ➔ 12/24 time formation.
    • ➔ Daily alarm five times.
    • ➔ Legendary quartz movement in the analog display.
    • ➔ Appropriate for swimming & snorkeling.
    • ❏ It is not recommended to wear scuba diving.

    10. Garmin D2 Delta Px Best Wrist Watch For Flight Attendant

    Watch Features:

    • Brand: Garmin.
    • Color: DLC Titanium Band.
    • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches.
    • Display Type: Digital.
    • Weight: 3.04 Ounces.
    • Dimensions: 2 x 0.69 x 2 Inches (LxWxH)
    • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth.
    • Map Type: Global.
    • Battery Life: 480 Hours.
    • 1 Lithium Polymer Battery Included.

    Watch Details:

    This is the last item on my watch list, but I must say this is not the least quality. I put it in the last item because I wanted to surprise you with the best watch for a flight attendant. I am saying it best because it has advanced cockpit connectivity. You can attach Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway to the cockpit. It will help you to stream information between Garmin GPS navigation and D2 Delta PX. This GPS position will let you know the accurate mapping. Moreover, as a flight attendant, you can also know the altitude, airspeed, temperature outside, etc.

    You can also use it for monitoring your health condition like the above watches. But this watch has an exception, such as Oxygen Saturation. A sensor called Pulse Ox triggers a light on the wrist to see the amount of hemoglobin. After that, it demonstrates your oxygen saturation level. 

    • ➔ Advanced GPS.
    • ➔ You can track blood oxygen saturation.
    • ➔ Latest notifications after pairing up with smartphones.
    • ➔ Store up to 500 pieces of music and listen with Bluetooth technology.
    • ➔ Contactless payment solution.
    • ➔ Up to 20 days battery life in smartwatch mode.
    • ➔ Up to 18 hours battery life in GPS and Pulse Ox mode.
    • ❏ The screen definition is not satisfactory

    Things That Should Have On A Flight Attendant’s Watch

    Nowadays, watch manufacturers make watches according to the profession. Every profession should have some basic watch features that will help them for better productivity. Here I am going to present some requirements for the flight attendant’s watch.

    • The watch should have second-hand and accurate time divisions. Because accurate timing is important in an emergency landing, and both you and your crew’s time should synchronize.
    • Most of the Boeing companies instruct their flight attendants to wear plain watches with tiny covers. Although the size differs from Boeing to Boeing, the expert recommendation is it should be moderate.
    • Not every color is preferable for a watch strap. For example, you should choose colors like Black, Brown, Silver, or Gold strap. Airlines like Qatar Airways do not suggest Gold belt.
    • A flight attendant can wear any type of watch, such as digital, analog, or a smartwatch.
    • The watch dial can be white, black, grey, brown, and metal.
    • Airlines companies suggest conserving business-style watches. It should not be large, fancy, and colorful. It is better to wear a gold, silver, metal or black color strap.
    A Comprehensive Buying Guide

    Here we will present some buying guides to buy the best watches regardless of any professionals. We will show you how to choose the best quality watch for a low price. Let’s get started.

    • Easy Take Off Or On:As a flight attendant, you may require checking at airport checkpoints. And there you may need to take off your watch. So, you need a watch that will be easy to put on and off for time-saving.
    • Design and Quality:Watch design of a flight attendant should be plain. It should not be big, fancy, and too colorful. And the quality obviously should be a good one so that it doesn’t stop in the middle of the way.
    • Watch Movement Reliability: The movement of the watch of a cabin crew must be reliable. Because maintaining every second is necessary for a flight attendant.
    • Quick Time Changing Ability: You should not use any complicated watch, and it takes time to change the time. You may be required to change the time when you are in another country.
    • Dual-time Zone Availability: A flight attendant frequently moves from one country to another. That is why he should select a watch that supports different time zones or UTC, which is very common in the flying industry.
    • LED backlight: The backlight is super helpful when the lights are switched off or dimmed while flying. You can easily check the time in low-light situations.
    • Price: Generally, you don’t need to pay high for a good quality watch that is enough for you as a cabin crew. Average cheap price watches will work fine in the robust working environment of a business flying.
    • Resistant and robust Material: It is expected that your watch may get scratched and knocked in the duty. So, experts suggest that you should buy a watch that scratches resistant mineral glass.
    • Long-Lasting Battery Life:Choose to watch that battery last long. Because changing batteries frequently is disturbing.
    • Water Resistant: Although water resistance is not relevant to a flight attendant’s watch requirements. But it is wise to have a watch that saves it from splash, at least.

    Frequently Asked Questions-faq

    Although we have covered almost everything about the best watch for flight attendants, we have decided to answer some common doubts you may have. Let’s get into it.

    What Is A Good Watch For Flight Attendant?

    A good watch for a flight attendant depends on some of the things. For example, it should be easy to put on and off, not so fancy and colorful, and it is better not to be a big one. They must be reliable accurate because 30 seconds difference can be an unavoidable accident for a flight attendant.

    You can choose a style like conservative business, and the strap color can be black white, gold, or silver. Moreover, don’t go for an expensive watch. A good quality watch is well enough for a robust duty environment like commercial airlines.

    Do Flight Attendants Must Wear A Wrist Watch?

    As you said before that a flight attendant must care about his time, so to manage your time and increase productivity, a wristwatch should be your all-time companion. Anyway, wearing the watch is an FAA requirement for the majority of airline companies.

    In addition, if you have a plan to go for a cabin crew interview, you can wear a watch. It will boost your sense of duty and eagerness.

    Why Must I Wear Watch As A Flight Attendant?

    It is compulsory for accurate timing for a cabin crew in an emergency landing procedure. You must synchronize with your other colleagues in that time and help them for a safe landing. It is also necessary to arrive at the airport in time so that the flight does not delay because of you. Besides, during your duty, you may inform the passenger about remaining time as well as take-off and take on. So, I hope you have understood that a watch is a must-have item for a flight attendant.

    Final Thoughts

    I think you have already decided which watch you are going to buy from the above list. However, if you are still confused, I may recommend two watches, one for men and another for women. This is my personal choice as an expert, and you are free to choose your own.

    For men, I would go for Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch. This is a watch for men standard that will work for professional purposes and sport and fitness tracker. To know more details about this watch, let’s have a look again above.

    For women, my only choice is Whimsical Watches Women’s G-0610007. This is the watch that fulfills all the requirements a flight attendant watch should have. With having enormous features, it has a flight-attendant theme that looks charming and beautiful.

    Therefore, I hope you have got what you are looking for. All the best.

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