How to Adjust Metal Watch Band Clasp

    How to Adjust Metal Watch Band Clasp

    If you are wearing a watch with a metal band that has become loose or uncomfortable, there is a simple way to restore it. You don’t need expensive tools, expensive materials or any training to do it. All you need is the right knowledge and your own two hands. I’m going to tell you how to adjust metal watch band clasps. This method is very safe and reliable because all you are doing is touching the watch band directly.

    There are different ways to open and close a metal band on a watch. But most watches have a spring that keeps the band tight. So in order to remove it you must remove this spring. The safest way of doing it is to use a screwdriver in the watch clasp itself and slowly slide the metal part of the watch out.

    How To Adjust Metal Watch Band Clasp – Using the screwdriver, pry the watch band away from the watch and gently pull it off. Don’t use too much force. You can try a pry bar if you can’t get the clasp to come out easily. Make sure you leave enough room to slide the watch back into its place. It is now time to re-screw the clasp back on.

    This method of adjusting the metal watch band is a bit messy. But it is safer than using force or any tools. You can leave the watch anywhere so long as you make sure it is safe. The next time you need your watch fixed, just take it out of the box and slide it in the slot to get it fixed.

    You don’t need to have special tools for this one. You just need a pair pliers, a toothpick and a piece of wood. Just take out your watch and slide it into the wood plug. Pliers ensure that the band slides through without problems. Use the toothpick to carefully probe the watch to find any stray jewels or metal parts that may need to be trimmed off. When you are done, rinse the watch with warm water and put it away.

    The simplest solution to how to adjust metal watch band is to take it in to the local jeweler. This might be a bit expensive but at least you will get help from an experienced jeweler. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can visit your local library for guides on how to fix watches. There are also some useful jewelry making guides in the internet.

    1. Wear the watch without adjusting it. You need to understand how big it is compared to the wrist.

    If it is very large, you will have to remove a lot of links.

    If it’s just a little loose and isn’t in danger of falling off your wrist, then you may want to consider leaving it as it is, unless it bothers you.

    If the strap is too tight, you will need to buy extra links from the manufacturer.

    • Find the closure. Pinch the band evenly at the clasp to find the exact size you need.

    Make sure there is an even number of links on the other side of the band that needs to be removed.

    This way you are sure that the watch will remain centered concerning the band.

    Note the number of links you need to remove from each side of the band.

    • Prepare the tools. There are several tools that you will need to set the clock.

    You will need one or two plastic-headed pins that are used to push the bars that hold the links together out of the holes.

    Get a pair of thin-tipped forceps to remove the bars.

    You will also need a small jeweler’s hammer.

    Remember to work on a flat surface with good lighting. You will need to collect all the bars that you will remove from the strap.

    • Lay the watch on its side, on a flat surface. Leave about half an inch of space between the bottom of each removable link and the worktop.

    Count the number of links you want to remove.

    Find the finger that holds the last link in place.

    This is where you will need to detach them.

    • Get the pins.

    Use one to push the bar that secures the link of the strap to the others.

    Use the pointed end of the pin for this.

    If the bar does not give way, use the jeweler’s hammer to force the pin into the corresponding hole.

    At this point, a small piece of the bar should appear on the other side of the shirt.

    Use the hammer to push the needle even deeper and allow most of the bar to come out.

    • Remove the bar with the pliers. You will have to pull hard to remove it.

    When a sufficiently long piece of bar sticks out from one side of the band, you can use pliers to pull it out completely.

    Grasp the end of the bar firmly with the fine-tipped pliers.

    • Shoot vigorously.

    At this point, the links that need to be removed from one side of the clasp should come loose.

    Now you have to repeat the same steps on the other side of the band.

    • Disassemble the closure of the detached link section.

     You will need to put it back in its place later on the strap itself.

    Use the same technique you used for the previous jerseys.

    There should be a bar that secures the links to the closure. Remove it using the hammer, tacks, and pliers.

    Now put the clasp back on the strap.

    • Refit the buckle to the strap.

    Line up the link attached to it with the last one on the strap.

    You should see a hole in which to insert the bar to connect the links.

    Take one of the bars you pulled out and stick it into the hole.

    It should go in most of its length without any effort, except for the last portion.

    Use the hammer to gently tap the bar and fully insert it into its housing.

    Repeat the process on the other side of the closure.

    The watch strap is now perfectly adjusted and reassembled.

    Try the watch. It should wrap snugly around your wrist loosely and at the same time without being too loose.

    If you have tightened the strap too much, try adding more links on both sides.

    If you haven’t removed enough links, check how many more you need to remove so that the strap is tight and comfortable enough.

    Wear the watch for a few days to make sure it is comfortable.

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