6 Effective Steps of How to Change Apple Watch Band?

    How to Change Apple Watch Band

    Apple Watch is a Series of smartwatches that is currently one of the best smartwatches out there and these are capable of doing fitness tracking, health monitoring, and so many other things.

    The watch face of the Apple Watch is designed to blend in perfectly on any occasion but the strap may not. A silicon Apple watch band is appropriate for the gym but definitely not for a formal environment like an office.

    There are so many band options available for Apple watches from Apple itself and also from many third parties’ companies. By swapping the band you can give your Apple watch a fresh look and the capability to blend in with the different types of outfits.

    Though the changing process of the Apple watch band is pretty simple but to make sure you do not make any mistakes or face any problems I will guide you through the whole process of How to change apple watch band.

    What Size Band to Use for an Apple Watch?

    Apple watch was first introduced in 2015 and they have released 6 Apple watches so far- Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6. 38 and 42mm are the sizes of apple watch series 1, 2, and 3. Similarly, the series 4, 5, and 6 are also available in two different sizes but the sizes are different from series 1, 2, and 3 and these are 40 and 44mm.

    Though there are four different sizes of the watch, the bands do not have four sizes but have two sizes. One size band is compatible with the 38mm and 40mm watch and another one is compatible with the 42 and 44mm watch. So if you want to use a 38mm Apple watch band from series 3 to an Apple watch of 40mm series 6 you can easily do that as the band of 38mm and 40mm is compatible with each other.

    Step by Step Process of How to Change Apple Watch Band

    From generation one to generation six of the Apple watch the band-changing process is the same in all of them and it is pretty simple at the same time. Apple allows Apple watch users to customize their smartwatch by swapping the band with other bands. Changing the Apple watch band is relatively simple and less time-consuming. Let’s see the step-by-step process of how to change the Apple Watch band.

    Preparing a Suitable Surface

    The very first thing to do while changing the band of the Apple watch is to make sure the watch is safe. You need to flip the watch over and put a little pressure on the watch to remove the band while doing that the watch face may get scratches. Though the glass that is used to protect the watch face is quite strong but still better safe than sorry.

    For this reason, to make the watch safe you need a soft microfiber cloth.

    Now place the microfiber cloth on a table and put the watch on that cloth.

    Remove the Old Strap

    The next thing to do is to remove the old pre-attached band from the Apple watch. It can be done in three simple steps. These are-

    Step-1: Flip the watch over to the table and make sure that the watch face is facing the table and it is placed properly on the microfiber cloth.

    Step-2: Now on the back of the watch you’ll see two oval-shaped buttons one placed below and another one is placed above the heart rate sensor. Put gentle pressure on the button below using your nail and try to slide the band left or right that is facing you and it comes to wear off the watch easily.

    Step-3: Now put pressure on the above oval-shaped button and slide the remaining band left or right to remove that band like the previous one.

    Most of the band comes off pretty easily but if you face difficulty removing the band then keep putting pressure on the button and try again. Or you can press and hold the oval-shaped button while sliding out the band from the watch.

    Insert the New band

    Now find a replacement band for your Apple watch and make sure that band is compatible with the watch. After choosing the band you want to insert follow the steps mentioned below.

    Step-1: When inserting a new watch band into your Apple watch the first thing to make sure is that the band is in the same alignment with the watch. If the band is upside down, then it will not fit and the improperly fitted band can cause you to lose the watch while walking or running. So make sure that the watch and the band are in the same alignment.

    Step-2: Now put an edge of the new band into the gap or notch from where you removed the old one. Slide the band into the notch until you hear a click sound. Though a click sound is an indicator of the fact that the band is properly attached but to be more sure you can try to shift the band and if it does not move from its place that means it is fully secured.

    Step-3: Now take another strap or if it is a loop band in that case the other end and put it into the notch, slide it until you hear the click sound.

    While inserting the band if is going through the notch totally and not making the click sound that means the band is not in proper alignment with the watch. Flip the band over and try again to insert.

    You may note one thing that when removing the band from the watch it should come off gently. So while removing the band make sure to press the release button and do not put so much pressure on the band that it may cause the band to break or tear.

    So you have learned to change the Apple watch band but you may be wondering now which band will be a good option as a replacement for your old band. For reducing your stress and hassle I have brought you a review of 3 Apple Watch bands.

    1.SEMILU Compatible with Apple Watch Band

    SEMILU watch band is compatible with all of the Apple watches available. So no matter which Apple watch you are using right now this band is compatible with that watch series but the problem is these bands are available only for 38 and 40 mm Apple watches. So if you use an Apple watch of 42 or 44mm then this band is not compatible with that watch.

    These Semilu Apple watch compatible bands are made using silicon which makes the band super comfortable and perfect for wearing long hours. For being made of silicone it is very soft as well and for that reason when you wear the band on your wrist it feels very comfortable.

    Sometimes it becomes hard to find the perfect size band for your wrist but with this band, you will not face any such issue because this band can easily accommodate wrist sizes of 150mm-200mm. So it will fit your wrist without being super tight or loose. This band is designed with holes that allow air circulation through the strap and increase breathability which prevents your wrist from sweating.

    This Semilu Apple watch band is a multicolor band and it is available in 9 different color combinations so you get options to choose from here. All 9 color combinations are pretty bright, vivid, and eye-catchy. These bands are ideal for wearing outdoors and these bands will surely catch other attention towards you.

    The Semilu bands are designed with lugs that look outstanding and give the whole watch a distinct look. The designer of the watch did a pretty good job making it rational and that makes it very easy to insert and remove. Also, you are getting a high-quality and beautiful Apple watch band without spending a fortune.

    • ● Very comfortable on the wrist
    • ● High-quality built material
    • ● Silicon makes it soft and durable
    • ● Compatible with any of Apple watch
    • ● Ideal for 150mm-200mm wrists size
    • ● Multi-color option
    • ● Long-lasting
    • ● Affordable
    • ● Not available for 42/44mm Apple watch

    2.RUOQINI 4 Pack Compatible with Apple Watch Band

    What makes a watchband an ideal band is its comfort level. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a band on your wrist, then no matter how good it looks or how much you spent on it does not matter but what really matters is you must feel comfortable wearing the band. RUOQINI bands are made using silicon which provides you superior comfort and makes the band ideal for wearing for a long time.

    This is a silicone watch band that is compatible with all of the Apple watches. The silicon makes the band soft, flexible, and comfortable. You may think that as the band is soft it may not be durable but that not the case. Silicone bands are very durable and without any issue, these can last for years.

    RUOQINI band comes 4 in a pack and there are so many colors available of these straps from dull to vibrant it gets you covered. You can choose different colors to wear with different outfits. All four bands you’ll get in the pack are a solid color and as the colors are different so from a formal event to sports ground you can wear a different color band and show your style.

    All these bands are available for every Apple watch and every size. So no matter what size Apple watch you use you can get one of these straps for yourself. These bands are also available in different sizes and they can fit wrist sizes in between 130mm-210mm so no matter you have a small or large wrist the band will fit you perfectly.

    Taking off and inserting some band is a great hassle but this Apple watch band is an exception here. The design of these bands is very rational and that makes it very easy to insert and remove them from the Apple watch. The bands are very durable, beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting.

    • ● Available for every wrist sizes
    • ● Beautiful design
    • ● Very comfortable
    • ● Silicon made bands
    • ● Ideal for 130mm-210mm wrists size
    • ● Solid color
    • ● Affordable

      Kate Spade Apple Watch band

      Kate spade is a very famous lifestyle brand and they are famous for producing high-quality accessories. Among many other things, they produce premium quality Apple watch bands as well.

      3. Kate Spade New York Interchangeable Leather Band

      Watch Straps can be made using several different types of materials but among all of these materials, the most famous and classy material is Leather. Most people prefer a leather band over any other band because of the many premium properties of leather-like it lasts long, comfortable, soft and most of all it gives a classic look to its wearer.

      Apple Watch is a premium quality smartwatch and if you wear a normal band with the watch then the band can make the watch look dull. Also, for any formal, it is not so ideal to wear a silicon band but a leather strap goes perfectly with any formal outfit.

      Kate Spade designed a high-quality Apple watch band for both men and women and all these bands are made using leather. These bands are usable on any Apple watch and it fits almost every wrist size.

      The bands are designed like normal bands with holes but the color combination and finishing give it a remarkable and distinct look than other bands. All these holes in the bands are to increase airflow and these make sure your wrist does not sweat even if you wear the watch for a whole day long.

      All these bands blend perfectly with the Apple watch face and make it look way more attractive. As these are leather bands, the comfort level of these bands is top-notch. Overall the kate spade Apple watch bands are premium quality brands for all your Apple watches.

      • ● Beautiful design
      • ● Leather band
      • ● Stainless steel buckle
      • ● Available in many different color and sizes
      • ● Comfortable
      • ● Premium-quality
      • ● Not for 40/42mm Apple watch

      Where is the Apple Watch Band Release Button?

      On the back of the watch, the release buttons are placed on the Apple watch. To see the release button, flip the watch over and you can see two oval-shaped buttons, one placed below and another one is above the heart rate sensor.

      Can I change the Band of Apple watch Daily?

      There is no rule of how often you should change the Apple watch band. So you can change the band over and over again. If you are someone who goes to different places daily and wants to make sure your Apple watch band matches perfectly with your outfit, then you can change it to your desired band and it will not make any problem.

      Is it simple to change the band of the Apple watch?

      In the smartwatch industry most properly Apple watch features the simplest method to change the band of the Apple watch. The band-changing method of all seven Apple watches is the same and it is so simple that even a kid can do it without messing it up.

      To remove the band from the watch press, the release button then slides the band left or right and it will come off. And to insert the band again put the watch in the notch and slide it until you hear a click sound.

      How tight should the solo loop?

      Especially for solo loop bands, Apple features a wrist measuring guide using that guide you can easily measure your wrist size and determine what size solo loop will fit you perfectly. Most of the solo loop bands are made using liquid silicone which is super comfortable and stretchy.

      But if you wear a small size on then it can leave marks so your wrist. So use the Apple wrist measure guide to measure your wrist then choose the solo band of the perfect fit. Selecting a perfect size solo loop is important because a tight band can leave marks on your wrist and a loose one will surely make you uncomfortable.

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      Last Words

      The Apple Watch is not an ordinary smartwatch but it is more like a statement. Its band is also a part of the watch and it is what makes the watch secure on your wrist. The band can emphasize the watch look while a bad-looking watch can make the watch look dull. It is straightforward to change the watchband and one can do that with closed eyes. Here I have discussed how to change the Apple watch band and following it you can change the pre-attached band of the watch.

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