4 Effective Method On How To Change Casio Watch Battery

    how to change casio watch battery

    Are you interested to know how to change casio watch battery? Then you are in the right place. This article will help you to do it without any expensive equipment.

    Casio is one of the familiar brands to all. This watch brand is the most popular to all. European and the Middle East people are using it because they think it is one of the classic watch brands. If anyone wears a watch, an emotion is a creation on that watch. As a result, they don’t want to change that watch but want to change the battery. I think you are one of them. If you don’t know how to change a battery, we will help you easily. Just take a look at this content.

    Getting Know: how to change casio watch battery safely

    Changing the battery of your wristwatch is not a difficult job at all. You just need a particular aptitude for precision manual work and a little patience. If your wristwatch stops showing the correct time, it can mean that the battery has been wholly or partially discharged.

    1 Choose the battery: If you want to change it yourself, you must first understand the type of battery you need to understand this without going to a watchmaker.

    2 Use a soft cloth for backside cleaning: You have to disassemble the watch by placing it on the glass side on a soft cloth not to scratch it.

    3 Use a screwdriver to open the backside: With a screwdriver’s aid to make a tiny flat blade lever on the back cover to remove: in some clock models instead, unscrew the screw or put pressure on the lid’s edge where it is present a notch.

    4 keep your patience and change the battery: Changing your wristwatch battery is not a difficult job at all. It would help if you had a particular aptitude for precision manual work and a little patience.

    If your time is short then this will help you to do it easily. But if you have time, then read the whole content for details.

    Equipment for changing a battery

    Here on the side, I have inserted the image of what could be a basic KIT with the minimum tools necessary to change the battery to most of the "common" watches. The professionals have a much higher and specialized quantity of tools, sometimes even with very high costs.

    -Swiss Army knife".

    – Metal Coin.

    – 2, 3, Slotted screwdrivers and 2, 3, Phillips / Star screwdrivers.

    -Rubber ball (specific for opening screw bottoms).

    – Soft cloth.

    5 things we have to remember before changing the battery

    Once the battery has been positioned, close the case back, paying attention not to cause damage, I follow these instructions:

    Factor 1: Verify that the Case Back has or does not have recesses/notches for the clock setting shaft.

    Factor 02: Check the type and shape of the Glass / Crystal mounted in your watch. Suppose it is perfectly flat and has no apparent scratches, cracks, or other damage. You can safely rest on a protected flat surface if the Glass /Crystal is even only slightly rounded or of strange shapes or other. The operationmust be done exclusively by hand, taking care not to create particular pressures on the Glass / Crystal because closing will be much more difficult.

    Factor 03: Center the Cash Fund well about the Cash Box. You were trying to keep it in the bubble and exert an evenly distributed force with your thumbs close together. Hopefully it would help if you discovered a small crack as it enters its seat.

    Factor 04: Visually check that the Fund is uniformly laid and closed.

    Factor 05: Importantly, if the watch is waterproof, it is advisable to take it to a professional equipped to do a waterproofing test to check that it is still waterproof.

    LiCB 20 Pack SR927SW battery

    The most popular watch battery company, " LiCB" is finally launched Their powerful battery. This battery is suitable for Casio and other’s brand watches.

    This battery is capable of producing 1.5 Volts. It is a low-weight battery. The weight of the battery is only 0.65 grams. You can’t use this battery for other devices like any toys. It is a single-use battery.

    Top key features:

    1. Safe and secured battery: This battery is entirely safe because it wasresearch in a laboratory for about 12 years. In the laboratory, it was tested itsperformance and quality. After research, researchers were permitted to use it in the battery.

    2. Quality measurement: This battery is CE and ROHS Certified. Its cells assure that it is a long-lasting battery. All the facts are controlled strictly. There is no doubt about its quality and performance.

    3. Low costing: You maybe think that its price is above $20, but its price is less than $10. So, we can say that it saves you money. This battery is also most durable and of excellent strength.

    Products benefits:

    1. Unique shape and size: The size of this battery is very adorable. A logo is placed on the upper front side.

    2. Low weight: If the battery size is large and the weight is much, then the watch’s total weight is increasing. In this case, the battery is not also suitable for the watch. That’s why it is one of the important facts. The weight of the battery is only 0.65 grams which are pretty good enough.

    • – The dimension of this item is only 7.9 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches.
    • – Budget-friendly and low weight.
    • – Better performance.
    • – It is reserved in a secured packet.
    • – You can't be able to use it for different purposes. Such as – this battery is not suitable for use in children's toys.

    Final word.

    Changing a Casio battery is not a tricky part. But if you don’t know the right method, then it won’t be easy. If you were read this article from top to bottom, then you know now how to change casio watch battery.

    To write this content, we had to research about 8 hours or above. I hope you will enjoy this article. If you have more things to know, just swap a message on our email or you can also comment below the post. Thanks for your attention.

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