How to Clean Apple Watch Band: A Definitive Guide

    how to clean Apple Watch band

    Got dirty Apple Watch band and don’t know how to clean Apple Watch band?

    If your answersare yes, then you’re at the right place.

    Apple Watch is more than just a smartwatch because it costs a few times more than other smartwatches.

    A dirty Apple Watch band can cause a lot of problems. Apple Watch band is known for creating skin irritation and allergy. Moreover, the dirty band also responsible for skin infection. Furthermore, it damages the watch and creates issues for your health.

    So, it’s better to clean your Apple Watch band and ensure good health for you and your watch.

    Here in this article, I will share the exact process that I use to clean my Apple Watch band.

    So, let’s begin.

    Why should you clean Apple Watch band?

    Do you know bands on the wrist can cause several skin problems?

    Yes, you’re reading right!

    Wearable device bands are known for creating different allergic conditions. It also causes rashes. Even someone alleged that Apple Watch responsible for several burns to his wrist.

    Isn’t it dangerous?

    People’s skin differs from each other. And everyone’s skin doesn’t have the same resistance against dust. For some people, dust causes allergies. A dirty Apple Watch band can cause allergies for people who are very sensitive to dust.

    Who doesn’t want to keep their favorite things clean?

    I guess everyone wants to keep their favorite things clean and safe. That’s why you should clean your Apple Watch band.

    So, let’s learn how to clean Apple Watch bands below.

    How to clean Apple Watchany band step by step guide

    Here I am going to discuss a general process for cleaning the Apple Watch band. It works for every material’s band.

    What if this process can’t clean the band properly?

    In the upcoming sections, I will discuss cleaning the specific metal’s band. You can follow these methods after an unsuccessful trial of the general process.

    But keep in mind that you must try this general method first, then move to the next step.Otherwise, there is a great chance of band damage. Because in the upcoming steps, I will use hard methods.

    So, let’s see if this general process can clean your Apple Watch band or not.

    Step one: Detach both bands from your Apple Watch

    First thing first, at first you need to detach both bands from yourApple Watch so that you can clean bands without fear of damaging the watch.

    How can I remove bands?

    Don’t worry. It is straightforward; you don’t need to be a smartwatch mechanic to do this. Just look at your smartwatch’s back and search for two release buttons, bands connected to the watch’s release buttons places.

    After figuring out the release buttons, press it through your nail or its alternatives and slide the band out to its sideways.

    After removing the first band, follow the same instruction as I did for removing the first band and remove the second band.

    Now, I have successfully removed both bands.

    What next?

    In the upcoming step, I will clean bands using a cloth.

    Step two: Clean both bands through a non-erosive cloth

    Which type of cloth is perfect for band cleaning?

    Apple Watch’s band is very sensitive. There are significant chances it will get scratch if you rub a hard cloth on it for cleaning.

    That’s why you should find a piece of cloth that is dry, free from lint, and non-erosive. Also, make sure that the cloth is soft. You can check for sunglass cleaning cloth or this type of fabric.

    After collecting the cloth, clean both bands through it. At this stage, all of your band’s dirt will go away. Still, if there is any dirt remain on the band, then dampen the cloth in water and rub again. But keep in mind that all Apple Watch’s bands are not water-resistant, so don’t make the cloth too wet.

    Should I stop here after cleaning bands successfully?

    No! other important things remain to apply.

    Let’s move to the next section. 

    Step three: Wait and let your smartwatch bands dry

    If you didn’t dampened your watch bands in the water, you could skip this step.

    If you used a wet cloth to clean bands, then you have to use a paper towel to wipe the band. It will remove the remaining liquid from the band and allow the band to dry fast.

    After wiping the band with a paper towel, place it into a cool and open-air place for drying. You can place it for few hours for complete drying.

    *Important; Never use hot air or heat to dry the band. It will damage the band.

    Step four: It’s time to disinfect your apple watch band (Not necessary)

    This step is not mandatory in our process on how to clean the Apple Watch band. It’s up to you.

    If you want to disinfect your Apple smartwatch band, then you can use disinfect that doesn’t have more than 70% alcohol because the Apple smartwatch band reacts with alcohol poorly.

    Moreover, you should not try this type of disinfect for bands that are made of leather, yarn, nylon, and fabric.

    However, it is a great idea to disinfect the band, as I already told you how it could damage your skin. And you know the matter of COVID 19.

    If still, you couldn’t clean your smartwatch band, then move to the next sections, where I will give you extensive suggestions on cleaningbands. 

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Stainless Steel

    Here I will share some extreme suggestions and won’t repeat the whole process. I will do it for other materials band in the upcoming sections also.

    So, Let’s start with stainless steel.

    You shouldn’t use hard chemical and erosive material for cleaning your stainless-steel band. Surely it will damage your band.

    If there is any hard dirt remain on the band, you can use warm and soapy water for cleaning. But don’t forget to dry the band completely after cleaning because the remaining water in the band can damage your stainless-steel band in the future. 

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Leather

    Bad news for the leather band!

    Yes, leather bands are not water-resistant. That means you can’t clean your Apple Watch leather band with water. If you do, it will change the leather band shape, and its color will go away.

    Even if you keep the leather band in the sunlight for drying, it will damage the band. So, it’s better to stick with the general formula for cleaning Apple Watch leather band.

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Nylon

    This kind of apple watch band is made with woven nylon. And they are very risky to clean. Even you can’t clean it with a non-abrasive cloth. In this case, you need to use a soft wet brush to scrub the band gently. Don’t put too much pressure on the brush while cleaning. It will damage the band.

    Nylon can absorb a lot of water. That’s why you should dry it completely. For this, you can use a hairdryer with cold temperature.

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Fluoroelastomer

    Apple watch sport band made by a material called fluoroelastomer. Band made with this type of material is known to be long-lasting and sweat resistant. You can easily clean it with warm and soapy water.

    On the other hand, this type of white color band is hard to clean. But the good news is you can use a magic eraser to remove hard marks. Submerge the band under the magic eraser, then squeeze and rub to remove more strong strains.

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Yarn

    This band is commonly known as Solo Loop. It is made with yarn and silicone thread. The reason for using yarn and silicone thread is to make it stretchable and breathable. You can use a soft brush to scrub the band gently for complete cleaning.

    After cleaning, make sure that you completely dry the band to avoid bad smell. For this, you can use a hairdryer with cold temperature.

    Cleaning Apple Watch band: Silicone

    Apple Watch silicone band is made with silicone. That’s why it is durable and stretchable. On the other hand, it is water-resistant. You can wash it in warm water with hand soap. But beware of using any harsh washer. It may damage the band.

    If you still have hard marks on the white silicone band, then you can use a magic eraser. You can submerge the band under the magic eraser and remove hard stains through scrubbing.

    Cleaning Apple Watch band:Wood

    You shouldn’t wash wood bands like the leather band. If your wooden band is varnished, then you can use moistened cloth. On the other hand, if your wooden band is unvarnished and you use water to clean it, it will lose its shape.

    So, it is better to use moistened cloth for the wooden band. Don’t forget to dry the band after cleaning.

    Best Alternative for Apple Watch band

    If you don’t want to worry about the Apple Watch band, I have a solution.

    And it is the ZALAVER silicone wristband for iWatch.

    Here are few things that make it an ideal alternative for the Apple Watch band and they are;

    • It is slimmer and narrower than the original apple watch band.
    • Air holes in the band make it breathable and more comfortable.
    • It is durable, water and sweat-resistant.
    • This band protectsthe skin from irritation.
    Final words

    You don’t need the expensive cleaner to clean your Apple Watch band. You can clean it with normal soap and a soft cloth. If you knowany exclusive method on how to clean Apple Watch band, please let me know about it by commenting below.

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