A expert guideline How to Set Armitron Watch?

    How to Set Armitron Watch

    Armitron is a really popular brand that was founded all the way back in 1956. Over time, Armitron introduced new technologies within their watches and became a really popular brand in the market. Today, we will discuss how to set Armitron watch, and also some of the most popular watches from the brand.

    Currently, they have a long line of products, for men and women and also unisex models, and specific products are designed to meet the demand of specific target groups. Their watches offer lots of features and durability and also beautiful designs.

    What is the Setup Process of Armitron watches?

    There are many watches on the market, which are difficult to set time or date on. But, Armitron watches are really easy when it comes to set or adjust the time.

    Armitron watches are digital and always use buttons as input by the users, and most of the time there are 4 buttons on the watches, each for a different function. One button enables a backlight for better viewing in the darkness. Meanwhile, other buttons are used to set the time and date.

    Just press the buttons stated in the watch manual – and within 2-3 button press, you will adjust your Armitron watch to the correct time, day and date.

    Armitron Watches – History and Popularity

    Armitron watches was founded in 1956 by Eugen Gluck. The name Armitron came from the combination of two different words – Armin and Electronics. The brand has its headquarter in Little Neck, New York, and covers a good percentage of the watch market in the USA.

    The brand specializes in LED power watches and focuses on the five functions of a watch. The five functions in a watch refer to the hour, minute second, the three counts of time, and additionally the day and date.

    Armitron watches used watch cases that were made in Switzerland, and belts from Hong Kong. The watches are made by hand in the Armitron factory in Arlington, Texas.

    Throughout the years they have applied many technologies to their watches, and also introduced new and practical technologies. From LCD display the switched to LED watches, and then to Liquid Crystal display technology.

    Till now they have been in introducing new models with new designs, technology, and purpose, and still is a very popular brand.

    1.Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital Chronograph Watch

    One of the popular models by the brand, especially among women, is the Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 model. Armitron has a big lineup of watches, especially for women, and many people always wonder how to set Armitron watch which is suitable for them. Among all the options for women, this model stands out for many things.

    In a watch, the first thing a user sees is the looks and design. The Women’s 45/7012 model has a modern and stylish look to it and looks so elegant while also being very simple.

    First of all, it carries a low price tag than many other watches in the segment and offering similar features. It has a buckle band which is made from plastic but looks really good on the hand and also a durable matter. It has a metal bezel all around the dial, and a full digital display to show the time and date functions. The dial window is made from acrylic.

    The timepiece inside is quartz, and the whole watch weighs only 1.59 ounces. The band is 14 millimeters in width, and these two measurements make this watch a low profile watch that tends on the small size segment.

    It has a water resistance of up to 330 feet, something that is not so common in watches in this segment, especially in the women’s watches section.

    • Lightweight
    • Quartz technology
    • Water-resistant up to 330 feet
    • Full metal bezel around the display
    • Stylish and durable
    • ● The buckle band lacks premiumness

    2. Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8284 Digital Chronograph Watch

    One of the most popular watch from Armitron is the Sport Men’s 40/8284 watch. It is one of the most sold items in the sports watch category in the USA, and it has all the features and ruggedness the name “sport” offers.

    First of all, let’s discuss the looks and design of the watch. At first glance, it looks like many other sports watches on the market, but it is the attention to detail and the sporty outlook of the watch that attracts everyone.

    It has a big digital display with separate sections for day, date, hours, minutes, and seconds, along with a small AM/PM indicator. It has an aggressive and sporty look, and the band and the overall body structure is rugged and anti-slippery. It has four buttons to control or operate various functions, and the Armitron logo over the top of the display.

    This model is not the latest and new one, as it was launched back in 2014. But, like any other well designed and well-built thing, it is still a favorite watch to the users for its features and durability.

    The display window is made from acrylic, which prevents it from breaking over any slight impact. The band is made from plastic to ensure better grip on hand and better durability, and it is 18 millimeters wide.

    There is a plastic bezel over the dial, which gives it that distinctive looks and aesthetics. The movement carries quartz technology, and the whole watch weighs only 25 grams.

    The watch has backlighting by the press of a button to display the time at nighttime, and a water-resistant depth of 330 feet. Every sports watch needs to be water-resistant, and the 330 feet depth limit is more than enough for most of the water activities by the users.

    • ● Inexpensive
    • ● Great design and aesthetics
    • ● Durable in nature
    • ● Easy functionality to set time and date
    • ● Good backlight functionality
    • ● Great water resistant capability
    • ● The compass markings over the bezel are not real

    3. Armitron Sport Unisex 40/8423 Digital Chronograph Silicone Strap Watch

    One of the most recent and modern watches from Armitron is the Armitron Sport Unisex 40/8423 model. This unisex watch is really popular among men and women of every age, and this mostly has to do with the features, looks, and performance of the watch.

    First of all, the watch is very well designed, and matches with everyday life, no matter the occupation of the user. It is a round watch with a silicone strap, which gives it a really smart look and design.

    The watch is a digital watch with a quartz movement inside it. It has silicone bands that are 22 millimeters in width. The round bezel over the display is made from resin and works as an extension of the design and aesthetic.

    The whole watch weighs only 1.6 ounces and has several color options to suit the taste of every user.

    Despite being so modern and focusing mostly on the style, it has a water resistance of depth up to 330 feet. This is more than enough resistance for everyday use and also any kind of sports activity.

    • Stylish and elegant
    • Lightweight
    • Silicone band and resin bezels
    • Great water resistance
    • Backlighting feature
    • Easy time and date adjustment via buttons
    • ● Low visibility of time under direct sun

    Frequently Asked Questions ( How to Set Armitron Watch )

    Question: Are Armitron watches expensive?

    Answer: Armitron makes inexpensive yet stylish and durable watches to suit the need of every person.

    Question: Which is the bestArmitron Sports Watch?

    Answer: Armitron has a long lineup of sports watches for outdoor activities, among them Armitron Sport Men’s 40/8284 Digital Chronograph Watch is one of the most popular ones.


    Armitron has been making watches for almost 65 years now, and in this long period of time, they have always focused on designing stylish, practical, and durable watches. Most of their watches are inexpensive and they have a long product line-up, so if you are thinking of getting a watch for your needs, whatever it is, you can look up the lineup of Armitron Watches.

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