How to Set Casio Watch Accurately to Track Your Time Management

    How to Set Casio Watch

    Casio is one of the most popular watch company among people from all the age range. But, once you buy your favorite Casio watch, you need to learn all the functions of the watch, especially about how to adjust or set the time.

    The answer to how to set Casio watch varies from one watch model and type to another – and you need to learn the method which will work on your watch type. Today, we are going to discuss how to set time on Casio watch, and we are going to discuss it for all the major types of Casio watch.

    How to set time on Casio watch

    There are lots of watch types from Casio, and we are going to discuss the most basic one, the watches with crowns. Follow the steps given below to set or adjust the time on your Casio watch with crowns:

    Step 1 – Pull the crown

    The crown controls both the time and the date on the watch. There are two click positions for pulling out the crown – the half click and the full click. Pull the crown to the full click to take control of adjusting the time. You will hear one click when the crown has been pulled halfway, and another one when it is fully pulled.

    Step 2 – Turn the crown

    When you turn the crown, the hand of the second will start to move first. The second hand will eventually set at the 12 o clock position, and then you will gain control of the minute hand. Turn the minute hand via rotating the crown – it will also move the hour hand like usual. Place the hour and minute hand one minute ahead of the correct time.

    Step 3 – Push the crown

    After you have set the time on the watch, push the crown completely and all the way. This is how to set time on Casio watch.

    How to set time on Casio watch with four buttons

    Along with their analog watches, Casio is even more popular with their digital or electronic watches. Follow the steps below to know how to set Casio watch, specifically electronic watches.

    Step 1 – Press the M Button

    Among all the four buttons, locate the M button which indicated Mode. Press the button till you get the timekeeping settings.

    Step 2 – Select the Second

    When you reach the timekeeping settings, you can press the A button – the button on the top left to select the field of the second.

    Step 3 – Adjust the time

    After selecting the field op second, press the C button – the button on the below right to reset the field to 00.

    When you have adjusted the field of the second, press the m button to change the selection to the minute, hour, date, year, month, date, these fields. You can use the C button to reset the fields and then the B button the set the time and date. The day field will come automatically when you set the time and date and year.

    Step 4 – Save the time and date

    When you have successfully set the time and date in the watch, press the A button to save the data and exit the timekeeping settings in a Casio electronic watch.

    How to set time on Casio protrek

    Casio Protrek is one of the most rugged and sporty watch series from Casio. It may seem a little bit complicated to set time on Casio protrek, but it is not that much hard.

    Step 1 – Go To The Timekeeping Mode

    In a Casio protrek watch, press the E button for at least 2 seconds. Then, the timekeeping settings will come to the screen.

    Step 2 – Move to Reach and select the time fields

    When you open the timekeeping mode and start selecting, the first thing that comes is the City Code, then the DST, 12/24 hour format selection option, and then time fields. Press the D button to move around into these settings.

    Step 3 – Set the time

    When you reach the time fields, adjust the field of the second. You can reset the field of the second by pressing the A button.

    After resetting the second field, you can move to the hour and minutes by pressing D, and then add to the current minute/hour with A or remove from the current hour or number by C button. The year, month, and day settings also get increased by A and decreased by C.

    Step 4 – Exit the settings

    When you are done adjusting the time, date, and city, press the E button twice. This will take you out of the settings area and onto the front display and output.

    How to set time on Casio g shock

    Casio G shock is one of the most unique designed watches made for people with every profession and passion. Even though the watch series features an electrical mechanism but also an analog second, minute, and hour dials and hands are one of the reasons why it became so popular.

    Follow these examples to set time on Casio G Shock:

    Step 1 – Get into the timekeeping mode

    To get into the timekeeping mode, press the A button and keep it pressed for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, you will see the city code flash in the lower right display section.

    Step 2 – Select the desired field

    When in timekeeping mode, press the C button to move around and select your desired field to adjust and set.

    Step 3 – Adjust the time

    When you have selected your desired field, you can use the D and B buttons the change it. Press the D button while selecting seconds to make it reset to zero. When you have selected the hour or minute field, pressing the D and the B button will add or decrease time.

    Step 4 – Save and Exit

    When you are done adjusting the time and the date or city, Press the A button to exit and have those new settings working on your watch.

    How to set time on Casio illuminator

    Casio illuminator is the most iconic watch ever, and adjusting or setting the time on it is really easy.

    Step 1 – Select the Home Time

    Press the D – the bottom right button to select the Home city time or the present time. Then, hold the A  – the top left button down. The field of second will start to flash and get selected for adjusting. 

    Step 2 – Set the time

    Use the D and the B – the top right button to increase or decrease time. Also, use the C – the lower left button to move from one field to another, to adjust it.

    Step 3 – Save and Exit

    When you have successfully changed the time and also the date or day, press the A button to save this data and exit from the timekeeping settings.

    How to set time on Casio tough solar

    The tough solar watches from Casio have a different method to set their time and date. Follow the given steps to set time on your Casio tough solar watch:

    Step 1 – Enter the timekeeping mode

    Press the lower left button – the Mode button of the watch to access the timekeeping mode.

    Step 2 – Choose Location & Timezone

    When you enter the timekeeping mode, press the upper left button to get a list of locations and their timezones. Move down by pressing the right side buttons. Stop when you have found your city and time zone.

    Step 3 – Save and Exit

    When you find your city and timezone, simply keep it selected and then press the button on the bottom left, the Mode button. This will save the city and timezone and also update the watch’s time, date, and day according to it.

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    Casio is one of the biggest watch companies in the world, and their different types of watches have attracted different types and ages of people who love and use their watches. Different Casio watches have different methods of changing and adjusting their time. How to set Casio watch has been stated briefly in this article, and hopefully, Casio users will get benefit from reading this and successfully know how to set time on Casio watch. 

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