Ultimate Guide on How to Wear a Pocket Watch?

how to wear a pocket watch

Pocket watches were an inevitable part of men’s fashion earlier. However, men are still looking for pocket watches to buy.

You will find this watch type in the market for the purchase, and many are handed over as an inheritance. If you are thinking of wearing a pocket watch, get your inherited watch repaired or buy a used or new one.

If you don’t know how to wear a pocket watch, this article will help you and discuss the type of pocket watches.

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What are the Types of Pocket Watches?

You will find 5 types of pocket watches in the market.

Open Face

Open face pocket watches don’t have any cover; they have only the dial. As a result, reading them is much more comfortable. Using them is convenient, similar to wristwatches, but you should avoid wearing them when playing sports like rugby.

Full Hunter

Over the dial, full hunter pocket watches have a cover. This way, it has become a durable watch. They come with a button on the crown that allows the cover to pop up.

Half Hunter

In terms of design, the half hunter is quite similar to a full hunter. But it has a window in the cover, allowing its wearer to see the time without opening the cover.

Double Hunter

It comes with 2 coverings. One is on the front side, protecting the face from different damages. The other covers are at the backside that can be opened when any mechanical maintenance is necessary.

Double Half Hunter

This type of pocket watches is a combination of all the above 3 types of watches. It has both front and back coverings with windows. So, you don’t need to open the back coverings to see the mechanical skeleton.

What are the Types of Pocket Chains?

Pocket chains come with 4 types. Take a glance to learn more about them.

Albert T-bar

You will find a T-bar at one end of the chain; you have to place it into a buttonhole. The pocket watch is connected to the other end.

This chain is suitable for use with vests, jackets and waistcoats.

Bolt Ring

This chain type will let you hook up the watch to your vests or waistcoats using a bolt ring placed at one end. The pocket watch is connected to the other end.

Belt Bar Slides

Design of the belt bar slides is quite different from the other 3 types of pocket watch chain. It has a clip-like apparatus at one end. This apparatus needs to slide over your belt or top of the waistband.

Watch Fob Chain

This watch fob pocket watch chain is used only to enhance your style. Attach this chain to your watch, then put the watch into the pocket and let the chain out as an accessory.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch?

In this section, we will discuss a few ways of wearing a pocket watch. Depending on your outfit, choice of pocket watch and chain will vary.

How to wear a pocket watch with a Vest?

Using the Albert T-bar or bolt ring chain, you can wear a pocket watch with a vest. After attaching the watch with a chain, remember to put it in your left side pocket if you are right-handed. For righties, put it into your left pocket. This will let you move your dominant hands freely.

Place the T-bar into the topper buttonholes of your preference.

Important Tip:

  • The portion of the chain will show more when you place the T-bar on the topper buttonholes. You will get a more stylish look if the chain appears more.
  • Fastening the T-bar into the bottom buttonholes is common, and it will give you a gentleman-like look. Unfortunately, this is irrelevant today.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch Using a Watch Fob Chain?

Watch fob chain mostly makes a good pair with smart vests and waistcoats.

When you hang the watch fob chain from the buttonhole, it is known as a drop.

What is the Best Affordable Pocket Watch to Wear?

1. ManChDa Men’s Antique Mechanical Pocket Watch


Band Color: Black

Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Case Diameter: 50 mm

Case Thickness: 15 mm

Case Material: Alloy

Are you thinking of giving a gift to your beloved parents, lover or friends? Well, the ManChDa Men’s Antique Mechanical Pocket Watch is a perfect gift for any occasion to show you much you love them. You can choose this pocket watch from 4 different colours: Black, Bronze and Silver Blue and Silver Gold according to your needs.

The case design is unique with Phoenix & Dragon hollow pattern. Roman numerals, bright black case with long chain, unique skeleton dial with golden movement gives the watch an elegant and stylish look. 

Acrylic is used to manufacture the front face of the watch to prevent damage. This pocket watch will add a vibe in your style.

What we liked most:
  • • Easy process to set the time
  • • Good quality pocket watch
  • • Acrylic made a front face
  • • Attractive and eye-catchy look
What could be better:
  • • Many customers are disappointed with its look.

2. ManChDa Mechanical Roman Numerals Pocket Watch


Band Color: Black

Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind

Case Diameter: 47 mm

Case Thickness: 18 mm

Case Material: Alloy

Looking at the ManChDa Mechanical Roman Numerals Pocket Watch, the first that will appear in your mind is “WOW!” The glossy, shiny and sleek design will attract anyone and add unquestionable style and class to your daily life. Choose your preferred color 4 options: black blue, gold, bronze, black white.

The pocket watch comes with luminous pointers that will allow you to read the low light condition time. Also, it consists of a high quality 7mm width Cowboy Chain / Fob. Back parts of the watch are polished, and you can engrave a message using laser, date or your beloved one’s name with laser as per your requirement.

It is a double hunter pocket watch. It can stand on a tabletop when both coverings are opened. The watch is super durable and designed for everyday use.

What we liked most:
  • • Luminous pointers
  • • Sleek design
  • • 4 available color option
  • • Polished back part
What could be better:
  • • Bit small size

Final Thought

Whether or not the pocket watch is inherited from your grandfather, learning how to wear a pocket watch will not go in vain.

Pocket watches are classy that also can be used as a gift item for your beloved ones.

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