Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to know how to wear a watch inside wrist, and a wristwatch is not just an effective way to control time but also a stylish accessory that harmoniously complements the wearer’s image. Humanity has been using them for a long period, while the popularity of chronometers is not lost even with the advent of new accessories, including smartphones and tablets.

    Very often, watches become a family heirloom, which is passed from generation to generation through the male or female line. Even though wrist accessories have been accompanying people for a long time, the question remains: “How to wear a watch on your wrist?” There are many opinions about this question. Some people believe that there is no difference. But there is also an opinion about the existence of a set of rules, norms of etiquette, which regulate the peculiarities of wearing wrist chronometers. We propose to talk about how to properly wear a watch on the wrist of a woman and a man.

    What does etiquette say about wristwatches?

    A modern business person regularly meets with partners, clients and colleagues, so all the details are important in his appearance. For this reason, men and women carefully think over their appearance, with special attention they approach the choice of wrist accessories, taking into account business etiquette about representatives of different genders.

    Which hand is the watch worn on according to the recommendations of business etiquette? A set of general rules regulates that chronometers must be worn and worn on the left hand. There are many reasons for this, for example, about 85% of the world population has a dominant right hand, so they are more comfortable controlling the time with the clock on the other side. But do not assume that etiquette must be unconditionally observed, not paying attention to your comfort.

    Therefore, on which hand the watch is worn depends only on the preferences of the person. For example, if it is more comfortable to write with the left hand, it is better to wear chronometers on the right wrist. At the same time, a similar rule applies to other wrist accessories, because often people do not know how to properly wear a fitness watch on their wrist.

    Men’s and women’s watches: how to wear them correctly?

    For many men and women, watches are an integral part of their daily look. When buying this accessory for the first time, many of us think about on which hand men wear watches and on which wrist girls should do it. The answer to this question also completely depends on the preferences of the owner, because there are no special prescriptions.

    We propose to talk in more detail about general recommendations for women and men, which can also dispel a large number of stereotypes. For example:

    It is not customary to wear chronometers on the leading hand. It is more convenient for the dominant hand to wind up mechanical watch models, as well as to close the clasp during the morning putting on.

    Women are not given strict restrictions on which part of the hand they should wear their accessory on. But for men, there is a limitation on how to properly wear a man’s watch on his wrist. According to the recommendations, representatives of the stronger sex are required to fix the accessory strictly in the middle of the wrist.

    The size of the case and the length of the strap should not cause discomfort while wearing the watch. For this reason, you will need to choose an accessory with a dial smaller than your wrist and a bracelet that will not fit too tightly.

    What is the correct way to wear a watch on a girl’s wrist? Each fashionista or business lady independently determines the zone where wrist chronometers will sit more comfortably. But the only important parameter is the size of the case and the strap, which should not bring discomfort or cling to things.

    Psychologists’ recommendations

    Today, a huge number of people listen to the opinion of psychologists, including on the question of how to properly wear a watch on your wrist. Experts consider which side a person chooses to wear wrist chronometers, speaks about his personality, about the peculiarities of his character.

    Pay attention to which hand your friends and family wear the watch on. For example, if you choose the right wrist, you are characterized by a creative approach to solving any problems and finding answers to your questions. Such personalities like to demonstrate their status, prestige.

    In most cases, gadget manufacturers write about how to properly wear a smart watch on your wrist. But the choice depends solely on the preferences of their owner. For example, wrist accessories on the left hand are preferred by people who are subconsciously unable to say goodbye to their past. This means that such individuals intuitively focus on the past, because the right hand is associated with the future, moving forward to the new.

    Watch and bracelet on one hand: is it possible to combine

    The modern style of jewelry, both for men and women, has abolished many of the rules of etiquette that were adopted long before us. Today it is considered fashionable to complement wristwatches with narrow bracelets. Let’s figure out how to wear them correctly.

    What can you wear on your wrist with a fitness bracelet? Such an accessory is often complemented with a rough decoration made of the same material as the watch strap. This gives your image a severity and speaks of a desire to go in for sports, and not make small talk in a workout room.

    Wearing bracelets with watches is allowed for both men and women, the main thing is that the accessories go well with the clothes.

    Today, men also often prefer to wear several bracelets on one hand at the same time along with a watch. Usually, jewelry made of leather goes well together, which gently wraps around the wrist and does not interfere with the sleeve of a shirt or jacket. As for metal products, then you should think a little: when colliding, the bracelets will make a rattling sound, which will attract unwanted and, probably, unpleasant attention to the young man. Therefore, accessories are selected from dissimilar materials, for example, leather and silver, which do not emit unnecessary noise, and are well combined in color and texture.

    And for women, fashion designers today create special sets, “bracelet plus watches”, which are made in the same design style. Such jewelry goes well with both an evening dress and an office suit.

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