What is Chronograph Watch?

    What is Chronograph Watch

    Ever wondered that you could make phone calls using your wristwatch? Even you can make voice memos, keeping track of your fitness, checking bank accounts, etc. with your wristwatch. The modern wristwatches are great fashion accessories with extensive functionalities.

    Although, after all those advancements, there is still one type of wristwatch that is much popular among many people for decades.

    Chronograph watches are a popular item even after surfing for the last 2 centuries in the watch industry. However, there is often confusion about what is chronograph watch, and people combine it with casual watches.

    This write-up is focusing on removing all confusions related to chronograph watches. And in the end, you will get the 3 best chronograph watches review.

    So, let’s begin.

    What is the Meaning of Chronograph Watch ?

    In simple words, a chronograph watch is a kind of stopwatch. Tracking the time length of an event or occurrence is the main responsibility of a chronograph watch. Initially, chronograph watches were used to measure astrology, but now it is being used for terrestrial meaning also.

    The chronograph is such a type of watch that can accomplish several functions. Common functionalities are: maintaining date, alarms, and tracking different intervals.

    A Brief History of Chronograph Watch?

    French horologists Louis Moinet and Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec invented the Chronograph watch. As stated earlier, chronograph watches were used for astrological purposes; in 1816, Moinet invented it initially, and it was not designed to be used for daily use.

    Later, in 1821, King Louis XVIII gave Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec a responsibility to make a personal chronograph. He was a reliable watchmaker and built the watch for the King. The whole purpose was to track the time during a horse race. The whole watchmaking theory had changed with the invention of the personal chronograph and transformed the way of enjoying horse racing. This is why Rieussec is also credited for the invention of the Chronograph watch.

    Till the time, it was the recognized and established source of the Chronograph watch.

    How Does a Chronograph Watch Work?

    Chronograph watches are not a complicated device at all. Most modern Chronograph watches can measure both minutes and hours. Even some of the models can measure time intervals of 12 or 24 hours.

    2 additional buttons handle the functionality of chronograph watches at the side of every watch. If you press one button, the time will start, and another press on the 2nd button will stop and reset the time.

    The popularity of Chronograph watches started increasing from the 20th century. By this time, they become more sophisticated. Some models of chronograph watches consist of

    Tachymeter: Measures time over a specified distance.

    Pulsometer: Measures pulses.

    Pedometers: Measures steps.

    Altimeters: Measures altitude.

    Measuring these much-complicated things becomes more comfortable with a chronograph watch.

    Why Should You Buy a Chronograph Watch?

    Chronograph watches come with a lot of benefits. On one side, they are easy to use. Carrying a stopwatch is impractical, and tracking time intervals is a lot more straightforward with a chronograph watch.

    Let’s have a look at what chronograph watches offer.

    Serves a Wide Range of Functionality

    Chronograph watches are designed for specific purposes. Measuring heart rate, calculating average speed, simultaneous tracking of 2 separate time-lapse, etc., are some of this watch’s few offerings. You will also find telemetry functions in a few chronograph watches. You also can measure any particular event’s distance that can be seen or heard.

    Do you think that these timepieces can give you the right timing despite all these complicated functionalities? The truth is, it provides accurate time. This is a testament to Chronograph craftsmanship, and it is the main reason these watches are costly.

    It is a 2-in-1 Watch

    All chronograph watches come with 2 functionalities: typical watch and stopwatch. Also, more than tracking the time, many models are out there in the market with multi-scale functionality. As stated earlier, pulsometers, tachymeter, altimeter, etc., are a few of chronograph watches’ common functionality.

    You will need to keep in mind that the additional functionality of chronograph watches doesn’t impact their performance. In fact, these functionalities make it a valuable item and value-adding product.

    Offers Complete Watch Experience to Its Wearer

    Nowadays, people now look for an item that offers a lot more things in a single device. Chronograph watches are expensive but offer a lot of worthy features. It is not only a mechanical timepiece that lets you hear tik-to sound only. Using the numerous functionality of chronograph watches, you can take your enjoyment to the next level.

    One question might have popped up in your mind, smartphones or smartwatches are also offering similar functionality, so why should I buy a chronograph watch? Well, in terms of accuracy, chronograph watches are champions.

    Chronograph Watches Are Iconic

    Functionality makes these watches a part of few historical moments.

    Jacques Cousteau, a famous deep-sea diver, accomplished several successful dive wearing the Omega Seamaster Diver 300. It is considered one of the top-featured divers watches in history.

    Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is another worth-mentioning chronograph watch that was worn by the legendary actor Paul Newman. And this chronograph watch was sold at an auction for a whopping $17.75 million. If you are interested in enjoying this watch’s same functionality, you can pick from a few new models.

    Visually Appealing Design

    When buying a watch, most people look at the design first. Chronograph watches are appealing and come with a beautiful design that attracts most people. The knobs, dials, instruments give them a unique look at all, and lookers get curious.

    The combination of performance and creative design makes them a work of art.

    What are the Best Chronograph Watches?

    This section will help you find an ideal chronograph watch. Below are 3 models that will look great on your wrist.

    1. SEIKO SSB031 Men’s Chronograph Stainless Steel Case Watch


    Band Width: 20 mm

    Movement: Quartz

    Case Diameter: 40 mm

    Case Thickness: 11 mm

    Bezel Material: Stainless Steel

    The # SEIKO SSB031 Men’s Chronograph watches us build with quality materials to ensure longer-lasting performance. You will hardly find a sporty chronograph watch with so many brilliant features similar to this. 330 ft. is its water-resistant capacity, which means wearing this watch, you can swim comfortably, but it is not designed for diving.

    The large tachymeter scale and printed white numerals in the bezel of the case give it a fantastic look. Stainless steel is used in the bezel, and it receives a black finish look because it is ion-plated. As a result, reading the number gets easy. Also, the dial and bezel are well-matched due to the black finish.

    Similar to all other chronograph watches, the sub-dials are also positioned at 3/6 and 9 o’clock. You will need a spring bar tool to remove the included steel band. You can then replace the included spring bars with the leather band of your choice. It has a Speedmaster vibe in it, which will satisfy you.

    What we liked most:
    • • Sleek design.
    • • Brilliant color combination.
    • • Stainless steel material
    What could be better:
    • • Unavailability of the perpetual calendar.

    2 CITIZEN AT9010-52E ECO-DRIVE Chronograph Watch


    Band Width: 20 mm

    Movement: Japanese Quartz

    Case Diameter: 44 mm

    Case Thickness: 13 mm

    Bezel Material: Stainless Steel

    The CITIZEN AT9010-52E ECO-DRIVE Chronograph Watch comes at a budget-friendly price. It is accurate as well as brilliant and spectacular design. The watch features automatic timekeeping technology that gets synchronized with 26 available time zones automatically. It has an alarm function. Easily set using a 24-hour small dial.

    It is a solar watch; it is a radio-controlled watch. It gets signals from radio-controlled towers in 5 regions of the world, Spectacular design Europe, Japan (East and West), USA, and China. Bearing this in mind, you can pick up signals in 26 cities worldwide, keeping your watch extremely accurate. This watch needs light, either natural or artificial, as a power source, allow this to happen, and you will enjoy your watch for years to come.

    The watch has an Anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal, which is scratch-resistant. Water-resistant to 200 m (660 ft.): In general, suitable for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports, and skin diving.

    What we liked most:
    • • Spectacular design
    • • Anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal
    • • Automatic timekeeping technology
    What could be better:
    • • It doesn’t contain a backlight

    3. OUPINKE Automatic Watch for Men


    Band Width: 2.0 cm

    Movement: Automatic

    Case Diameter: 42 mm

    Case Thickness: 1.20 cm

    Bezel Material: Tungsten Steel Strap

    The luxurious OUPINKE Automatic Watch for Men has an exclusive patent-protected brand new hollow design. It is a durable watch since the case back is made of stainless steel, and other accessories are built with durable materials. It leads the fashion trend of tough guys and shapes the masculine charm.

    It is suitable for mature men and teenagers. Whether you want to wear it in a business meeting or casual day, this wristwatch will fit your wrist perfectly. When you are not moving for an extended period, it stops working to preserve power.

    The buckle is butterfly designed and hidden. Its strap is easy to adjust. It has sealing ring water-proof, innovative, and enhanced anti-fog and remains water-proof up to 50 ft. Synthetic sapphire mirror ensures scratch-resistant characteristics.

    What we liked most:
    • • Lozenge watch case.
    • • Swiss luminous
    • • Synthetic sapphire mirror
    What could be better:
    • • The hour and minute hand doesn’t seem to hold luminescence very long after the lights go out

    Final Thought” in what is chronograph watch

    Chronograph watches are best for those going swimming and diving regularly even if you don’t engage in these activities daily, no need to worry because chronograph watches fit on any hand size quite comfortably and meet the minimum requirement of every wrist watch wearer.

    From the above-listed chronograph watches, you can pick any of the models. And hopefully, this article clears the confusion of the question “what is chronograph watch.”

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