Why are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

    Invicta Watches

    Are you seeking a wristwatch? Then you might have gone through a few models of Invicta watches and wondered why are Invicta watches so cheap. Are they manufacturing watches with inferior quality materials? Is it worth buying an Invicta Watch?

    Well, we will look into the answers to the above question through this article. First I will share the reason for cheap Invicta watches and then look into 2 watches worth the money.

    So, let’s dive in.

    Reasons of Why are Invicta Watches So Cheap

    Invicta has been around the business for more than 150 years. Their watch manufacturing process is outsourced from China, and this is the main reason for cheap watches. Moreover, they don’t run their own movements and sell huge watches that make them eligible to manufacture cheap watches.

    Invicta Outsource their Movement

    Do you know what the most expensive part of a watch manufacturing process is? It is manufacturing premium-quality movements.

    For this reason, they have decided to outsource movements from other companies. When outsourcing movements, they are cautious too because to ensure the movements’ quality, they chose to go with well-established companies named ETA, ISA, Ronda, Seagull, Miyota and Seiko.

    Undoubtedly, all companies have a reputation for manufacturing quality products. One worth-mentioning note is, Invicta uses the Japanese quartz movement, and the manufactured movements come with good quality. Invicta maintains a low price of their watches because they are getting good quality movements from well-established companies cheaply.

    Use of Materials

    Along with the inexpensive movements, Invicta watches are made of good quality but common materials.

    They use stainless steel to make watches. Bracelet and watch cases are also made of the same materials. Besides, if anyone is looking for a gold-toned watch, s/he will get a few models too because instead of using gold paint, Invicta uses ion-plating to give gold-tone to a watch. Ion-plating is much more durable and cheap compared to gold-paint.

    Additionally, sapphire-coated mineral glass is used in the watches, be sure that it is the right choice. This glass type is shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. However, this material is not luxurious or expensive, but it meets most of the wearer’s requirement.

    Since the outsourcing country of Invicta watches is China, watches are made at low cost and assembled at an affordable price. Therefore, Invicta can sell their watches at a low price.

    If you find any Invicta watches that will cost you more than $200+, be confirmed that watches movements and other accessories are made in Switzerland. As a result, the production cost became high, and the price also increased.

    What are the Best Affordable Invicta Watches?

    We will go through 2 different models of Invicta watches that will give you an answer to the question: Invicta watches worth the money.

    1. Invicta Men’s PRO Diver, Model: 0076


    Band Material: Stainless steel

    Movement: Japanese quartz

    Case Diameter: 48 mm

    Case Thickness: 17 mm

    Band Width: 20 mm

    The quality and workmanship of the watch will definitely impress you. Stainless steel bracelet tells that it will last for many years with proper maintenance. Using a soft cloth and jewellery cleaning, you can clean the watch. Fold-over safety clasp secures the watch in any sized hand.

    The 200 m water-resistant feature makes it an ideal wristwatch for marine activity, water sports and diving. The crown is the pull out the push-in type of set up. It has a double pull out position for setting time or date; they can be pushed or locked in.

    It is sturdier than most watches in its class. Moreover, all parts of the watch are replaceable and repairable. However, don’t think that this watch will not last-longer. The truth is it is built to serve many years of service.

    What we liked most:
    • • Scratch-resistant flame fusion crystal
    • • Chronograph 60 min, 60 seconds, 24 hour
    • • 200 mm water-resistant
    • • Unidirectional bezel
    What could be better:
    • • Be careful when moving the knob

    2. Invicta Men’s Stainless Steel and Leather Strap Quartz Watch, Model: 14330


    Band Material: Leather

    Movement: Swiss quartz

    Case Diameter: 43 mm

    Case Thickness: 13 mm

    Band Width: 20 mm

    Solid stainless steel is used to construct the watch case. It is beautified with a date, day and month display. A flame-fusion crystal, push-pull crown enhances the attractiveness of the watch. And an interchangeable genuine leather strap gives the watch a handsome look.

    You get 3 sets in different colors to change out if you wish. They are standard straps. Replacing the band is extremely easy. Push Top Button to advance month by month. Middle Button works like normal. Push the bottom button to adjust the alternate 24-hour time slot.

    You will love the look of the watch for sure. Crystal on the face is scratch-resistant, and the thinner face works much better when in long sleeve dress shirts and business jackets. This is a really nice watch and a value second to none.

    What we liked most:
    • • Chronograph: 60 sec, 60 min, 1/10 sec
    • • Brown and blue additional interchangeable straps
    • • Scratch-resistant flame fusion crystal
    • • Buckle clasp
    What could be better:
    • • Water-resistant at only 20 m

    Are Invicta Watches Worth the Money?

    The answer to the question depends on the below 2 factors

    • Who you are
    • What features you are looking for

    Invicta watches are much more durable compared to its range. So you can wear them daily without any hesitation and the fear of damage. Most of the Invicta watches are glossy so that they will attract other people’s attention easily.

    While you are required to wear a superior quality watch and look for an alternative watch of Citizen, Seiko, Tissot, it is not advisable to go with Invicta.

    Final Words

    Undoubtedly, Invicta watches are stylish, good quality and suitable for daily use.

    Invicta brand is popular among teenagers, service holders, and business persons because they offer good quality watches at an affordable price. Reading this article, I believe, you understood, why are Invicta watches so cheap?

    Also, Invicta watches are worth the money since they are manufactured following extensive quality control procedures.

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